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Vox Pop – Matt Bahi

Name: Matt Bahi

Age: 26

Occupation/title: Restaurant Owner

Nauru inquiry. Do you feel that asylum seekers at the detention centre are subject to significant abuse?

Locking up a human being for the ‘crime’ of seeking asylum is significant abuse in itself. Reports of sexual, physical and mental abuse, particularly of children is rife and it’s quite disturbing.

Married at first sight. The new realty show has been slammed, are we scraping the barrel?

Reality TV has been scraping the barrel since its inception. Completely orchestrated bullshit palmed off as ‘reality’. The fact that people are willing to go on TV to marry a complete stranger shows just how depraved and shameless we have become as a society.

Football. The A-League grand final brought in an estimated 250-300 million global audience – can/will it become the biggest sport in Australia?

I think australia is becoming increasingly open to sports outside of tennis and NRL. I don’t think it will ever be bigger than any other sport in Australia.

Cardinal Pell. Should the former Sydney Archbishop, be forced to return to Australia to face bribe claims relating to sexual abuse in the church?

Yeah, it still astounds me that powerful figures can get away with assisting sexual abusers while people like Julian Assange, who fights for freedom and governmental transparency, are vilified and forced into hiding.

Eurovision. Is our participation fair and just a bit of fun or a waste of time?

I don’t know anyone who watches Eurovision and I don’t want to. Our participation is a waste of time but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to cry over it. I’m sure there will be plenty of white people having Eurovision parties so that’s something.

Animal cruelty. Australia’s cattle exports have been criticised for extensive animal cruelty – should they be shut down?

I’m a bit biased because I don’t think animals should be used for our consumption at all. Reports on live exports just makes a cruel act even worse. All animals deserve the same respect we do, and the same respect we give domesticated animals.

Vivid. A continually innovative festival or has it become predictable?

I can’t really say because I’ve only been to one and I was really underwhelmed. Maybe I got hyped up too much but I think it’s boring as bat shit. Frankly I’d rather the money spent on something more practical like more outdoor cinema events or a winter wonderland giant ice skating rink or something.

David Letterman. Will you miss the iconic late night host, or do you prefer Jimmy Fallon, Conan etc?

Letterman has been a late night staple for years. I can’t imagine not seeing him on late night TV. I like Conan but Jimmy Fallon is such a wank box.

Death Penalty. Yes or no?

Absolutely not. Imagine you were accused of a crime that you did not commit but evidence suggested your implication to the crime and you were executed by the state? It’s fucked; all life is precious.

Global warming. Are you concerned about growing reports about a forthcoming El Nino?

Absolutely. I hear that the El Nino will affect food distribution. This could will be detrimental to global economies, especially poorer nations in Africa who rely on trading coffee and other food staples. Some say that there have been more occurrences of it in recent years and that’s attributed to global warming, so I hope that global powers, particularly Australia, change their stance on climate change.

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