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5 Aussie Punk Bands You Need To Blast Now

Whether you like your punk with a little indie edge or prefer to sonic boom your aural ability on the hardcore end of the scale, Aussie punk is killing it right now. We have Queens of the Stone Age, NOFX and My Bloody Valentine to thank for the talented new crop of artists. From the burbs of Adelaide to the sunny shores of Newcastle, these bands deserve to be enjoyed at an all new decibel. Really loud.

#1 Horror My Friend at Old Bar, Melbourne 25/2

A ramble of riffs from the outset, Horror My Friend are a great entree into the punk sound. It can be an acquired taste, so what better way to kick off the list. Raw vocals and a vibrating bass throughout make for excellent listening, but you know it would come to life front row at their gig. They’re touring now, so why not hold me to account and test for yourself?

#2 White Crows

The Melbourne hardcore outfit are all power from the outset, earning the new look outfit a handful of plays on Triple J. When the song is aptly named Hooks, you must know what you’re in for. An energetic instrumental worthy of infectious head banging. Heavy at it’s very best.

#3 Split Feed at Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 10/3

Hailing from Newcastle, Split Feed is all 90’s nostalgia and punk attitude in spades. The drums will reel you in and the vocals win you over, deep diving into a heavier sound as their tracks progress. Hoarse tones to the lyrics make it feel like a live show with each play. We’re big fans and you should be too.

#4 Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys

With a name so excellently crafted, we expect nothing less than fine, quality music. It’s smart and violent to your ears, but in the most punk of ways. Screaming vocals with a rawness that works in time with the guitar, it’s a blast of high octane punk and you’ll be pressing repeat, gleaming for more. These women are the very definition of hardcore. Oh and there’s an ode to owning 1000 cats, in case you know a spinster in the making.

#5 Drivetime Commute at Yah Yah’s, Melbourne 24/2

They themselves consider the band “a dysfunctional marriage of varied influences and cultures” but dysfunction of the very best kind.  Each track is an endless escalation, starting off with sonic boom and carrying it through to the end without falling. Technical skills of a metal man, hi-fi twinges of someone with an acute appreciation for turning it up and a wonderful marriage of all the other filthy elements. Pure punk in attitude and execution.

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