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The Best Ways To Spend Galentine’s Day That Doesn’t Require An S/O

So, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you have a honey or not, it’s a lot of pressure. If you do have an S/O, you suddenly have to come up with a cute date idea, or a gift, or a kinky surprise. If you’re a single pringle, then you have to work out if you go out or stay in. Should you shoot your shot at the cutie at your gym? Send some roses to your gal pals? The whole thing is just a clusterfuck of unnecessary pressure and consumerism.

But if you are single for Valentine’s, and your group of galpals are also single, here’s some fun ideas to shake off the single-for-Valentine’s-Day blues, and celebrate Galentine’s day in the best possible way.

Have a big fuck off brunch

Screw all the happy couples looking for a cute place for an extended brunch. Gather the ladies, book a table, and march in there for breakfast food and mimosas from 10am-4pm like the goddamn queens you are. Make like the ladies from Parks and Rec and dress in all pink and exchange Galentine’s Day gifts. At the end of the day, your friends probably know you better than any lover could, so you know you’ll be in for a cracker of a day. Plus, who doesn’t love being a little champagne drunk in the middle of the day surrounded by women you love?

Do something romantic and cliché

What could possibly be better than renting a tandem bike with your bestie, packing a picnic, and eating together while the sun sets? Or taking a pottery class together and reenact the scene from Ghost (bonus points if one of you sings Unchained Melody and makes everyone else uncomfortable). Feed each other grapes and chocolate dipped strawberries while on a boat full of plush cushions. Feed your desire to reenact all your most corny romance dreams with your best friend and make literally everyone else jealous.


Have a self-care sleepover

Order UberEats, get in you jammies and watch romcoms. Buy some fancy face masks and take selfies. Drink plenty of wine. Eat too much cheese. Still feed each other grapes and chocolate dipped strawberries even though you’re not on a boat with too many cushions. Sleep easy knowing that no ones cheating on you, and you don’t have to shave unless you want to. Think about the last time you got a wax for someone else and laugh. It’s Galentine’s Day, today is about you and doing whatever the fuck you want.

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