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Careers That Let You See The World

Doesn’t every young Australian dream of working in a pub in London? Not so much. Sure, we love the travel, the atmosphere, but the thought of pouring endless pints for pittance isn’t why. London sits on the doorstep to Europe, a 50 flight to anywhere you could want to visit. Short of being a company exec, asking your boss to travel the world under the guise of work wouldn’t go down to well. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Wanderlust and work. We’ve rounded up a few jobs to let you live that dream. Send us a postcard!

Au pair

Nannying and au pair work is a superb opportunity to live and work in a new country. For those interested or qualified in child care the industry can be incredibly lucrative overseas. Most often you live with the family you work with so no need to stress about finding a place. Get a few extra qualifications first, a first aid certificate, volunteer in child care and boost your resume before you jump on a plane. It’s best to go through an agency but imagine taking care of the kids on holidays, yes please.


Being a photographer is much more than just snapping, but if you have an eye for it – better photos await you as you explore. A destination wedding photographer, team up with foreign fashion bloggers as a photographer, or even just start snapping away and sell your prints. The options are endless, just you, your light-box and a decent camera and you’re on your way. An online portfolio is essential, so go on get out there.


Headhunters, athletic recruitment or even education; sourcing the right people for the job can take you around the world. Usually a degree in HR or Business Admin will get you a foot in the door but a little expertise in your field of recruitment doesn’t go astray. There’s opportunities at every level of the food chain from finding cruise ship instructors and foreign camp leaders to finding the next startup worth buying out. Get scouting.

ESL Teacher/ Translator

Although we like to think English is the language of the world, knowing another language can take you straight to the heart of those words. Put these skills to good use and you can work as a translator, interpreter or ESL teacher sharing your knowledge. If you don’t have the language skills down pat just yet, download an app and get on your way. Knowing the language will let you experience the culture intimately, without a single tourist surcharge in sight.

Event Coordinator

Destination weddings, festivals, parties and launches, working in events can take you wherever you picture yourself. From hotel event coordination to large scale festivals, an events degree is your ticket to being paid to party. You can start by promoting or bartending if you don’t have the degree and work your way up, pick a destination with lots of activity and you’ll be on your way.

Flight attendant

This one may seem obvious but working in the air is often neglected as a career. Take to the sky and you could see a handful of cities every day. Not for the tied down or those prone to homesickness but a career in flight can see you based in any of the worlds airport hubs. Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or even domestically. You won’t have to eat the airplane food, promise.

Foreign service worker

Dream of being a diplomat? Working intergovernmentally is an ace way to work for your country in a foreign place. Combing the best of both worlds. Australia has embassies in every corner of the globe and with a little linguistic effort on your part you’ll be a shoe in. Or shoot beyond this and aim for the UN, that could lead you to New York, Geneva or anywhere you so desire.

Aid worker

The most rewarding option on the list, working in international aid is a great way to invest time instead of money in helping people. Do your research about the organisation and program before taking on this opportunity, voluntourism has seen a number of fake orphanages pop up in South East Asia. But if you’re working within a community of need you can see a new place and have a new appreciation for the luxuries of home at the same time.

Sports/ Fitness Instructor

Let’s get physical. Scuba diving to Zumba, that hobby of yours could be your ticket out of here. Tropical tourist spots, ski fields and cruise ships are a great way to stay fit and travel. If you’re looking for something a little more long term working as a personal trainer can see you rent a spot at a gym wherever you please. Or jump on the latest fitness trend, the next F45 and take it somewhere new.


What may be considered everyday grub here is a foreign delicacy abroad. Take your knife skills and travel to the heart of your favourite cuisine. Not only will you learn from the masters but you’ll get to taste the very best while you’re at it. Pizza in Naples, street food in Hong Kong or burgers in America, take your tastebuds on a ride. It’s erratic hours and long days, but hello, tasting and sourcing trips.

Retail buyer 

Sourcing fabrics, tapping onto trends, the world of fast fashion has opened the door to retail travel. Australia’s on the doorstep of the manufacturing hub that is Asia so travel in this career is frequent. Thanks to the internet a lot of the work can be done on the fly but having a presence in these places to ensure the best deal is still crucial. Slaving in retail for all those years wasn’t a total waste.

Travel writer

Travel, eat, blog, repeat. Blogging has been glamourised by the fashion bloggers of the moment taking on the world. But take a step back and you could write for other brands rather than your own and travel while you’re at it. Websites like Fiverr are great for finding opportunities or send your portfolio of work to every travel editor in town. If you can string a sentence together well and are super observant than this one is for you. Think beyond the tourist hubs and off you go.

Web/ graphic design

You’ve got a laptop and internet, well then you have an office. Unplug your 9-5 and you can ply your trade from wherever you sit. A beach in Mexico, the icy mountains of Norway, up to you. Coding, programming, app design and graphic design are the way of the future. Language skills are handy but it’s more important to know your binary and coding languages than the words or the street. Be creative and have some exciting examples ready for prospective clients but if you’re good you can take on the world wide web from wherever you please.

Freelance (anything)

It may seem terrifying to quit your job and travel the world but freelancing let’s you do just that. Map out the free wi-fi, lock down a budget and business plan and off you go. Online presence is crucial to gain clients in this space and you can say farewell to the work-life balance. But oh boy is it worth it.


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