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Cheap Aussie Cities For A Quick Getaway

We’re known travellers us Aussies. We love a long haul adventure, but when you’ve just started a new job, maybe just moved between places – that shit just aint realistic.

So we’re often pushed to the alternative – interstate trips. Maybe for a weekend, or a short stay, a mini-holiday is becoming a regular feature. But where are we traveling too and what is the best option for keeping your cash in check? A Cheapflights report, that compiled over 13 million search history results, exposed some truths about our interstate adventures.

More Routes Means Cheaper Flights

While it’s probably no surprise to any of us that Melbourne and Sydney are popular destinations, they’re also the cheapest. And it’s simply because the amount of flights going in and out of the cities. Bigger city = more flights = more competition = more value. Melbourne just edges it, with the average airfare coming in at $253 nationally, with Sydney at $259.

Melbourne Is The Favourite Child

Oh Melbs, the home of culture, affordable living and smart infrastructure – its no wonder so many of us just love you. The southern capital is the city most people interstate visit, with more people flying from Sydney to Melbourne than vice versa. Adelaide and Perth also love Melbourne, with the majority preferring to visit the culture city compared to Sydney.

So much popularity, yet so cheap. Winner.

The New Kids

For some of us though, that big city vibe just doesn’t sit well – and cities like Launceston, Ballina and Newcastle have become hidden little gems.

On average, the airfare for these cities sits around $270-$280, and they’ve become fresh bites for the curious traveller. And when you visit places like Point Ballina above, you can see why.

F!ck, That’s Expensive

And well let’s be honest, some places we’re just likely never to visit – on the $$ alone. Clocking in at the most expensive price per average airfare include:

  • Broome ($686)
  • Alice Springs ($606)
  • Uluru ($550)
  • Darwin ($472)
  • Perth ($467)
  • Hamilton Island ($397)

Townsville and Canberra are also in the very high $300s, and those extra dollars can often be the deal breaker in a quick travel fling.

Image source:, Pinterest, Visit Sydney Australia, Easy Weddings

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