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All The Fun Things You Can Do While Watching The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding is nearly here, and we’re both raring to go and equally relieved. The amount of coverage the engagement has received since Harry popped the question is insane. And why we all seem to think that they’re both the best thing since sliced bread is completely beyond me, but alas, here we are. With such an event, comes the opportunity to take advantage of the hype and put your own twist on the celebration. Namely, drinking and making a fool of ourselves.

FYI: The wedding is apparently starting at around 9pm (our time) so get keen.


Go Out To A themed Party

There are bound to be plenty of themed parties to attend around the city. And better yet, if you attend a themed party, you have the perfect opportunity to come dressed in something completely ridiculous.

Royal Wedding Drinking Game

In this case, you can pretty much add your own flair to the drinking game. However, there are sure to be a few definite statements around the festivities that can be included. If you want to really let loose, drink anytime someone compliments Meghan’s dress or appearance. Drink whenever there’s mention of Princess Diana.. or finish your bevvie when there’s an old video montage of her. If you see a stupid looking hat, you can drink. If the Queen is looking like an adorable dumpling in her matching two piece, drink. Drink when you spot a Brit with the gordiest, themed outfit on, simple.

Throw A Viewing Party

This can be as sophisticated or as trashy as you want. Heck, you could turn it into something akin to a hens/ bucks night if you wanted. Get a tonne of snacks, make a bucket of some type of booze concoction, dress up or down and bob’s your uncle.

Have A Bake Off

Just take the concept of Nailed It (on Netflix) and see who can make a cake as extravagant as the royal’s wedding cake. While some cakes will look like total abominations, they’ll probably still taste amazing. Once you decide on who’s cake making skills are victorious you can stuff your face full of your creation.


We’re all obsessed with knowing things about other people, especially when it comes to celebs and their antics. You can make up a trivia for this specific occasion by researching questions and answers. Note that they can be as straight-one-eighty or as scandalous as you please. Yes, you can include questions about Harry’s hilarious bad-boy past.

Image source: Bright/ Kauffman/ Crane Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and Apatow Productions

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