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5 Things To Consider Before Getting On It At Your Next Festival

Be smart peeps.

It’s peak festival time with Splendour at our doorstep. And with a tonne of other small festivals also going all over the country, it’s going to be a grand time.

And of course we all wanna’ have a memorable day/s, yet alcohol prices seemingly always increase each year ($14 for a vodka Red Bull, like calm down). As a result, we often turn to “alternative” methods to get that desired buzz.

We’ve seen a lot of chatter about pill testing and drug use at festivals of late, in a sign that times may be a changin’. But if you are getting on it at Splendour / your next festival (or event in general), consider these few things to make sure you have a safe and fab time whatever you do.

#1 Realistic Location Spots

So here’s the thing, the light pole that’s just left of main stage is going to be a bloody mission to remember come about 8pm. So instead of picking places that could be crowded or easily forgettable, go with specific areas and landmarks that everyone will actually be able to remember.

For example, stay away from the bars and food trucks being your spot, they’re never going to be anything but very crowded. Think next to a free water station, in front of the info booth or next to the merch tent. Keep an eye our for chill zones and relaxed areas, which are perf places to refuel + re-meet all of your lost mates. Crowds will be everywhere yes, but remember that every other group there is picking a spot to meet up, so be smart.

#2 Make Sure You Have A Deso Non-Dropper

If your group is all going to be hitting the hard stuff, try and have one person who is a deso non-dropper, or at least someone (partly) responsible who you can count on to make sure you have everyone together before leaving the festival. Losing your mates is pretty much inevitable, but having someone who knows their limits or is just sticking to the bevs helps.

This’ll also help big time if it’s your first time getting on it, safe group, fun times.

#3 Have A Feed Before Hand

In between the amazing artists you’re there to see, trying to find your friends, getting phone reception and other mischief, food can become a bit of an afterthought. So try and hit up a big feed both the night before and the morning of. Big doesn’t necessarily have to mean the dirty bird equivalent full of fats, but something that will line your stomach well.

Smash a sports drink to get them electrolytes, have a bit of fruit and maybe smash some nuggets. Whatever it is, just don’t go on an empty stomach, because when you’re under the influence especially, there is no chance that you’ll pick a $18 kebab at the festival over seeing your favourite act of the day.

#4 Don’t Be A Douche

Okay this is probably the most important thing. A lot of people can become proper douchebags after dropping and you definitely don’t want to be one of these guys. Understand your limits and try to keep your behaviour in (reasonable) order.

These off the rails type of people are definitely the minority, but also the ones you don’t want anything to do with when you’re having a fab time at one of the headliners. Last thing you want is some douche getting all up in your business because they’re absolutely wrecked. Even worse if you’re that douche.

#5 Apply Like Three Layers Of Sunscreen

PLS TAKE CARE OF ‘YA SELF. Not chucking some sunny on has got to be the number one cause of hectic skin peeling the day after. Layer that stuff on well in advance so you’re all sorted, but if you haven’t slipped and slapped, keep an eye out for sunscreen spots at all the festival grounds.

If you’re on it, you probably wont even remember during the day so it’s super important to make sure that lovely soft skin of yours stays like that post festival mischief.

Whatever you’re planning to do at your next festival, just try to be as safe as possible. Know your limits and don’t got too OTT. If you aren’t sure about the effects, check out headspace’s festivals page for all of the tips and tricks before hitting your next big festival day (or days!) Be smart, have a fab time and get amongst it, without all of the regrets.

Image source: Groovin The Moo Facebook (James Simpson and Jack Toohey) 

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