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How To Become A Well-Paid Bartender

When it comes to our careers, we’re always on the lookout to better ourselves and make a name in the industry. So, for the legends who work in hospitality, this want is no different. If you’re one of the people of the opinion that a job like bartending is just a means so an end, think again. There are actually ways to earn yourself a pretty penny from this field.

Gather The Tips

Despite the fact that Australia doesn’t have a tipping system like America’s, patrons are still able to tip. In fact, they do tip at particular restaurants and bars. Often tips get pooled as a whole, then get evenly distributed between employees, so you can definitely make a nice wad of dosh from your share of it all. If you’re able to provide someone with great, reliable service there’s definitely a possibility you could end up with extra pay at the end of the day.

Work Your Way Up

Nothing valuable in life is meant to come easy, so they say. So of course you wouldn’t instantly start at the top of your game. Working your way up in the business is a good way to eventually become a top-dog with a pay to match. They key is to be open to opportunities and experiences that’ll get you one step closer to your goal. Working your way up in the establishment is also a great way to lead yourself into running your own business.

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Pick Your Establishment

There’s a lot to be said for the establishment you pick to work in. Smaller pubs, for instance, may not have as much opportunity for higher pay through salary or tips from other patrons. So, if you’re wanting to be a well-paid bartender, try aiming for the more prestigious establishments. These places are guaranteed to have a larger amount of clientele walking in and out the doors. You’ll also have the added advantage of it looking great on a resume.

Master Your Craft

You should always be willing to learn new things and take things a step further. Mastering your bartending skills, even spending time to make your own concoctions can be greatly beneficial to you. By going through the motions of mastering your craft, you’ll be able to enter bartending competitions with cash prizes. If you push yourself and get noticed, you’ll be on the road to be well-paid and having a name for yourself that people remember.

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