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Instagrams For Home Décor Inspo

Already broken those New Year’s resolutions? Of course you have. But even if 2018 isn’t off to the fresh start you envisioned, there’s a way you can get back on track. Forget the fad diets and expensive gym memberships, kick start the New Year in style. You are just a few clicks of the follow button away from the new and improved you. How? It’s as simple as transforming your living space.

#1 @interiorbysusan

Staying on trend these days feels impossible. With social media dictating what’s hot or not within minutes, you can fall out of touch. Do you find yourself redecorating every few months, struggling to keep your little abode fashionable? Say no more, Susan has got you covered. Finding the perfect way to stay stylish and timeless has never been so easy thanks to this mum of two. If you describe your style as sleek and simplistic then her envy inducing feed is exactly what you need in your life. Watch how she mixes monochrome pallets with metallic accents to stay up-to-the-minute without trying too hard.

#2 @fiona_michelon_stylist

Relaxed sage green vibes styled for the final issue of @homesplusmag My fave colour of the moment ✌🏻 📷 by the lovely @ksoljointeriors Style assist by @rebecca.sicari @savcohen @meganoloughlin_designs @the_flower_republic

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Looking for something a bit more chic than sleek? It’s time for you to give Fiona Michelon’s Instagram a quick scroll. As an interior stylist she knows the best ways to add that extra, high quality finish. Her feed is the perfect balance of neutral tones, sprinkled with vibrant bursts of colour – her go to choices being bright blues or millennial pink. Disappearing down the rabbit hole with Fiona may leave you with more interior inspiration than you can handle.  But it’s worth taking that risk! Along the way you might just fall in love with her dog, Ella, too.

#3 @eleganceroom

@melanie.buu 💖 #eleganceroom

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This Instagram handle couldn’t be more accurate. The pallet sticks almost religiously to pastels pinks, creams and baby blues. These rooms are so beautiful to look at, you’ll find you’ve been double tapping every picture. If you’re after a soft feminine décor with vintage touches, you can’t go wrong here. This is the dream bedroom for the ultimate girlie girl or fashionista. A collection of timelessly beautiful rooms that don’t pay too much attention to what the current trends are.

#4 @bohemdeluxe

Maybe all you really want is a no fuss aesthetic? After all, sometimes elegance comes from feeling effortlessly put together. If you agree, don’t swipe left on Bohemdeluxe. Swedish interior stylist Jenny Hultgren is a monochromatic magician. Jenny proves that black and white is far from boring. Never straying too far from these shades, she demonstrates how great design is in the details. Deceptively natural looking she makes the ultramodern appear ultra-easy to achieve. Keep up with her and you’ll have it mastered in no time too.

#5 @thejungalow

New year, new travel plans! Gorgeous shot from @dawnfran — I mean can we talk about those tiles!

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Minimalism is currently the epitome of all things stylish, but not everyone can see its charm. Tired of soft, beige tones and sharp, modern lines? Bored of endless pages of simple home décor? The Jungalow is what you’re looking for! Watch how Justina Blakeney clashes vibrant colours and mismatching prints to create a style that is uniquely her own. The Jungalow proves that chic comes in all styles and colours. This is the ideal blog for the crazy creatives with wild hearts.

Remodelling your life is easier than it looks. No matter the aesthetic or budget, someone somewhere has got it covered.  Spark to life your inner interior designer by checking out the recommended Instagram’s and watch as your home goes from drab to fab overnight.

Image source: Cococozy

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