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All The Armchair Theories About The Madeleine McCann Case We Can’t Seem To Shake

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is just as unsolved as it was a decade ago. I could lie and say I’m leading a really productive life and that I’m run off my feet but the truth is, I’m not. The reality is I’ve just binged the entire Netflix series and if I don’t get all these possible theories off my chest I could explode.

Now let me be straight before I spiel. This documentary concerns the real and extremely torturous misfortunes of Madeleine herself, as well as the McCann family. In light of whatever unfolded, this is a tragic case that I hope isn’t too far from being solved.

So, here is my take on what could have happened, points of interest people have weirdly overlooked and other generally juicy things I need to get off my chest. Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert. Rather, I am a self-proclaimed armchair theorist with a knack for nitpicking every little deet of a Netflix series. I do not have a degree in this but tbh, I wish I did.

#1 Death By Accidental Sedation

This is probably the most recurring theory circulating the web. Considering the fact that Kate and Gerry are both GPs and would have ample access to sedatives, there’s a plausible explanation that Madeleine may have died from a fatal overdose of the drug ‘Benadryl’. This could have led to a number of other possible theories unfolding, including that her body was disposed of days after. But as it stands, there’s no answer. Nothing adds up.

#2 Gerry’s Fanatical Dad Moment

Gerry recalls entering the children’s room for the final time and experiencing an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for his beautiful kids. A ‘proud father moment’. Now look, Gerry has maintained a cool, calm and collected exterior this past decade which makes me doubt he is an overly emotional and doting father. Theory #2 follows on from theory #1, and suggests that Gerry was aware of Madeleine’s death at this time. Theory #2 suggests that Gerry’s made one final glance at his dead child and subsequently experience the wave of remorse/guilt/sadness that would likely follow.

Gerry then leaves the apartment to return to the Tapas bar where Kate precedes to make the final check at 10pm. She then raises the flag that Madeleine’s ‘disappeared’.

#3 An Inside Job

Theory #4 suggests that the McCann children were each sedated by staff at The Ocean Club’s creche. This was made possible by the McCann’s nightly ritual of dining at the Tapas restaurant several nights leading up to Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’. Abductors caught on to their movements. They noticed the reservation details which explicitly mentioned the children were being left alone and pounced. 

This theory would assume that the children were sedated by staff, or associates to the crime, and Madeleine was shipped off to some kind of sex trafficking ring that the staff were very much aware of. A chilling twist to the story if it were true, and quite plausible.

#4 Why Weren’t Brit Police Involved?

Any involvement on behalf of British police was in an attempt to assist with existing Portuguese investigations or leads. From the involvement they did make, Brit police made a pretty decent circus of the whole thing and were even labelled as an ‘organisational mess’. Now this, quite obvs, is not ideal but what’s more to the point is the fact that Britts failed to assist with interviewing the McCanns as potential suspects. For such a high profile case, it seemed the Brits were very quick to take the side of ‘assisting’ rather than ‘interrogating’ all possible scenarios, including the McCann’s role.

#5 Gerry’s Suss Interview Moves

Fun fact: between 55% and 65% of what we communicate is conveyed through our body language. That being said, Gerry’s micro expressions in many of his press interviews raise some potentially case-cracking questions. In an interview with BBC News recently, Gerry McCann is thought to be showing contempt through his gentle nods and slight shaking of his head. Slow pauses and long draws of breath suggest regret, and so too does his shrugging. If this is true, he’s played us all this whole time.

#6 Podesta Brothers

The  backstory: Tony Podesta was a lobbyist in Washington for many years and John, his younger brother, served as Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff. During Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign some suss AF emails from John were released, leading to a conspiracy theory about a child sex ring (aka #Pizzagate) going on.

The relevance: There are suspicions the two traveled to Portugal in 2007 to kidnap Madeleine McCann. People think they stayed in Clement Freuds’ holiday home just metres away from the McCann holiday apartment. Freud is a convicted child molester.

The theory: Police sketches of two suspects thought to be linked to Madeleine’s disappearance look so much like the Podesta bros it’s UNCANNY. This theory suggests the two kidnapped Madeleine to shipped her off to the sex ring they were thought to be involved in.

That’s my take on things anyway. I’ve only touched the surface of what are hundreds of possible theories, twists and turns that didn’t receive as much limelight as what’s already well known.

Image Source: Netflix, @omarnomics. 

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