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5 On Screen Women That (We Love, And) Inspired A Generation


From binge watching the latest Netflix hit to immersing ourselves in movie classics, getting lost in film and TV is something that is just part of our fab culture at the moment. We find ourselves relating to characters and becoming a part of their on-screen journey. And not only do they entertain us, but also inspire us.

And we’re loving the added representation of women on screen of late. From Wonder Woman getting her own solo film, to Orange Is The New Black, to the amazingly powerful Black Panther cast of African women with serious stature. We love it all.

And with International Women’s Day this Sunday, I’ve been thinking – who really got our inspiration going? From the late 90s to the early 2000s, TV gifted us with a tonne of inspirational female characters. Before streaming services, before download on demand, before smart phones and tablets, these were the women who had us huddled around the TV basking in their greatness.

#1 The Slayer

She saved the world, a lot. Who can forget the one and only, Buffy? Pulverising vampires and slaying demons while trying to make her way through high school and college, Buffy taught us that you should never underestimate your own strength and that it’s okay to be yourself. Preach gurl.

#2 The Warrior Princess 

*Cue war cry* Ayiyi yiyiyiyi! Another evil-fighting warrior who stole our hearts was Xena. On a quest to make amends for past mistakes, this heroine showed us the power of redemption, the ability to change yourself for the better, and that love conquers all. So much fun.

#3 The Private Investigator

Who’s that with the camera? It’s Veronica Mars of course! After her best friend was murdered, Veronica vowed to find the culprit and solve the town’s toughest mysteries. With her fearless attitude and deep dedication, this sassy private investigator taught us the value of being prepared and doing research and that when you fight for what you believe in, great things can happen. Don’t pretend like you don’t re-watch.

#4 The Fashionista

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go. But friendships never go out of style!”. Wise words spoken by Carrie Bradshaw. This fashion-loving columnist from New York City not only dazzled us with glamour and style, but also showed us the beauty of friendship and that surrounding yourself with good people is always on trend. Also didn’t watching SITC just make you want to be a writer? Just me?

#5 The Witches

Okay, so technically these are three women, but seriously, who can go past the Charmed ones? United by magic and the power of three, these leading ladies showcased the importance of family and reminded us that if you have the power to help or protect someone then you probably should. Each sister embodied some unique traits that made them so memorable and Alyssa Milano still is seriously goals.

As we march forward and embrace new characters, new films, new TV shows, and new ways of watching them, we should never forget that growing up we had some of the best on screen women ever. We laughed, we cried, we sat on the edge of our seat in suspense; all the while learning the value of love, friendship, hope, compassion, dedication, and self-belief, just to name a few. Women to the front, long may it continue.

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