Results Are In For The Best Aussie Beaches So Tell ‘Ya Boss You Won’t Be In On Friday

Venturing abroad, especially to Europe, one is quick to realise how lucky us Aussies are when it comes to the beach. Not once are we forced to negotiate ankle-breaking pebbles or worse, beach vendors relentlessly yelling out to us in the hope we will buy their overpriced, horrible-quality beach towels or handmade bracelets – I don’t have the extra cash for these but thanks a bunch for thinking I do!

In light of our wonderful beaches, us Aussies have arranged our lifestyles around the sun and sand and there’s little wonder why. But it begs the question, among the best beaches in Aus which is truly the best?

TripAdvisor has just announced the 2019 Traveller’s Choice award for the best Aussie beaches and here are all ‘ya best bets.

#1 Manly Beach, NSW

Good ol’ Manly strikes again as Australia’s top rated beach. It stretches for a solid two kilometres along what is undoubtedly Sydney’s most bustling coastline.

#2 Surfer’s Paradise Beach, QLD

Where the city meets the sea. Queensland’s Surfer’s Paradise is a hub for wild nightlife, good quality feeds and a shopping district that’s up there with one of the best in Aus. There’s no wonder the crystal clear waters of Surfer’s Paradise rank so highly. Location is everything and Surfer’s has it all.

#3 Turquoise Bay, WA

Western Australia ranked only twice in this year’s Traveller’s Choice award and we’re a little bit disappointed for them. Luckily though, WA’s best bets are absolute stunners. The name here leaves little to the imagination. Pack ‘ya bags, we’re heading West.

#4 Mooloolaba Beach, QLD

Travellers rated Queensland’s Mooloolaba Beach for being among the safest places for a dip along the Sunshine Coast. Extremely popular among families, Mooloolaba is also close to top-rated accommodation, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Really, what more could you want?

#5 Whitehaven Beach

This one was a clear top-ranking contestant. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach is a spectacle for dolphins, turtles and other friendly marine life. Travellers also pointed out that Tongue Point at the Hill Inlet lookout is close by- offering breathtaking views of the beach and its surrounds from above. Be sure to visit the lookout at low tide to witness a fusion of turquoise with darker blue waters – oh Oz, you are magical.

Other top rated beaches are:

6th: Bondi Beach, NSW

7th: Noosa Main Beach, QLD

8th: Burleigh Heads Beach, QLD

9th: Cable Beach, WA

10th: Mindil Beach, NT

So essentially, your task now is to chuck your boss a message saying Friday is off the cards. Round up ‘ya mates and head to the best beaches in Oz before summer wraps up.

Image Source: Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice 2019 Australia 

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