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Surreal Spots In Canada That Will Inspire You To Travel ASAP

Canada isn’t just a snow capped destination, all year round it makes for magnificent viewing. Captivating natural beauty, lush long walks and activities abound. The locals are renowned for being particularly lovely, grizzly bears aside of course. So if you’re headed over for the standard Aussie snow season escape or planning a getaway (anywhere but the USA, right) – Canada will wow you. And we can promise it’s just like the photos in real life, no well lit, filtered disguise here.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Have you ever wanted to walk amongst the trees? Sky high above the canopy, walking the suspension bridge is an all nature immersion. You’ll even get to cross the rushing river at great height, making for a whole new perspective. Just make sure to BYO your own supplies, it’s pricey buying along the way.

Cathedral Grove

Deep dive into the forest and walk beside the giants of years past. Don’t you worry, this isn’t a Jurassic Park experience, we’re talking about the leafy giants. This national park is home to rare and elderly arbory, it’s a lush jade picture, as far as the eye can see.

Signal Hill, St. John’s

Climb to peak of Signal Hill and you’ll get a view worthy of a military endeavour. But seriously, thanks to it’s unique positioning and never-ending scape, it’s been a vantage point since the 17th century for armies a plenty. You don’t need to bring weapons of course, just a good pair of shoes to get you up the country side. Harbour, hills and island abound.

Dempster Highway, Yukon

If it’s the long road you seek, this highway is your ticket to total wilderness. Abandoned landscapes that have inspired many a stock wallpaper, a trip through Yukon is incredibly isolating. You’ll pass through feeling smaller than ever before.

Banff National Park

A national park that wins over Aussie tourists en masse, Banff National Park and it’s picturesque leading lady, Lake Louise, are well worth the trip. Summer sees it’s beauty turn technicolour, with green fir beaming upon turquoise waters. And come winter, the water will glow bright against the snow. Stunning all year round.

Evergreen Brickworks

See Toronto from a local’s perspective. Hidden in the park you’ll find Evergreen Brickworks, which once you reach the top, offers views to the city dusted with burnt autumn colours.

North Hatley

Quaint townships and lake retreats what you seek? North Hatley is an adorable dream. Wicker fences, rickety bridges and charming adornments make this trip favourite feel like home right away. Canadian charisma in it’s purest form.

Gatineau Park

We get it, you love snow, don’t worry this post isn’t devoid of fluffy white powder. If you’ve conquered the ski resorts of Canada and are searching for a rougher terrain, here you are. Cross country skiing in winter lets you traverse the park with speed and prime viewing.

L’Anse aux Meadows

History buffs and fantasy TV afficiandos rejoice. This little hut is not just a dwelling, actually it’s a well preserved viking settlement. You can take a tour and channel your inner savage, all while learning about what life is like in the North.

Thompson Okanagan

Escape to the vineyard? Don’t mind if we do. Farm to table takes new meaning as you eat among the orchards, all steeped in history of years a plenty. This land was once the place of European fur traders and before that the land was cultivated with pride by the indigenous people. Get to know the local producers and taste their fine fare for yourself. It’s not all maple syrup.


A staple of any trip within arms reach of the Arctic. Head to Yellowknife and camp under the stars on a regular night. But depending on the season your pursuit of a lit trip will exceed your expectations. Dancing curls of light spanning the full colour scape against the crisp white snow – how divine.

Georgian Bay

Swimming in Canada? Crazy. Well Georgian Bay makes the case for a more sun kissed escape to the fine Northern land. If you’re not keen for a dip, pick up your paddle and explore the coastline with you in the driving seat.

Fogo Island

The largest offshore entity in Canada, Fogo Island is blissfully quiet. Luxury reigns supreme here, with a passion for design that highlights the natural scape. Fogo Island Inn is a fine example of luxe living without planting a monolith on such a natural wonder.

Great Bear Rainforest

You’re likely to run into at least one of these gruffer locals as you journey through the country, and not at the zoo. But Great Bear Rainforest is one space you can see them in their home space, watching them play about with your mind at ease. Rather than hiding as they roam near your cabin.

Agawa Canyon

A train ride tradition worth purchasing a ticket for. In some locales the bright red vehicle passing through may disrupt the scenery, but thanks to the Autumn colours you’ll feel uninterrupted.

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