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Well Ladies, Turns Out We’ve Been Taking The Pill Wrong For Decades, And It’s All Thanks To The Pope

Friends, I am shook. An article released by The Telegraph UK has revealed that we have been following poor medical advice for decades. Turns out, it’s actually better and more reliable to take the pill consistently, without the usual seven day break.

Yep. The UK Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare has released a study revealing that we’ve been lied to for decades. As it turns out, the pill is far more effective if taken continuously. In fact, removing the seven day break all together is more effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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So basically, not only is the seven day break totally redundant, but it actually makes the whole thing less effective. As a woman in no way ready to have children any time soon, this makes me somewhat distressed.

The seven day break in which you take sugar pills instead of the active pills was put in place in the hopes that the Pope would accept the contraceptive as it was more “natural”. By following the Catholic Church approved “rhythm method”, gynaecologist John Rock hoped the Church would be more accepting of the new contraceptive.

I don’t have to tell you that they weren’t.

According to Professor John Guillebaud, of University College London, “John Rock devised [the break] because he hoped that the Pope would accept the pill and make it acceptable for Catholics to use. Rock thought if it did imitate the natural cycle then the Pope would accept it. When his campaign to get the pill accepted by the Pope failed, he just simply stopped being a Catholic, having been a committed one for his entire life.”

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Fan-fucking-tastic. You couldn’t have just removed that whole thing at the time, ol’ John mate? It’s only been 60 years of incorrect information. Look, do what you will with this information. But now you know that your reproductive health has forever been impacted by the Catholic Church. Thanks!

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