Why Australia’s Hysteria Is Exactly What Vegans Wanted

Unless you’ve stayed away from Australian news recently, you probably would’ve seen the mass hysteria in Melbourne and Queensland kicked off by vegan activists. The protestors, who placed themselves in the middle of Melbourne city, are now being slammed by the PM as ‘green criminals’ and are facing years in jail. But it’s possible this is exactly what they wanted.

If you’ve ever known a vegan activist, you would have experienced first hand the passion they ooze from every fibre of their being. Whether their stance is from an animal or environmental ethical P.O.V., they are extremely strong-willed in their attempts to open the eyes of meat consumers and the general public.

So how has the disruption of a major city, temporary shutdown of major abattoirs and seething threats from the government provided vegans with ideas of success? Well, people are talking about it. And that’s the best thing that any activist could hope for.

The protest began with a documentary directed by Chris Delforce, Dominion (narrated by Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix), which exposed cruelty to animals in the agricultural industry. The film created such upheaval in the vegan community that it’s become the trigger for a global protest movement.

Whether you’re fighting for the rights of humans or animals, discussion and controversy is exactly the aim. The activists — who chained themselves to production lines, aquarium doors and vans — have created far more than just a hint of controversy. They’ve fuelled rage, anger and discussion.

From ScoMo labelling them “shameful, un-Australian” and the Aussie police calling the event a “serious offence”, it’s no surprise that these activists are satisfied with their actions — after all, the search results for Dominion have spiked hugely in Australia over the past few days.

Out of all the negative press and infamy that has come to the protesters over the past few days, the main positive and greatest success is the huge influx of traction. This is exactly what being an activist is about.

Image Credit: AAP

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