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5 Sydney Galleries You’ve Never Heard Of

Although many people like to argue that Melbourne is more ‘happening’ culturally than Sydney, there is a LOT of art, music and theatre happening here too.  Often you just need to know where to look or who to listen to.  Right here we have a list of galleries you may not have heard of, or may not have bothered to visit yet.  Perhaps this list can become the catalyst for a weekend of cultural exploration in the often hidden galleries of Sydney.

As some of them are very small, they’re an awesome way to see new art from local artists and sometimes become a great opportunity to meet the artists themselves.  So whether you’re an artist or an art lover or simply want to explore something new, take your Saturday with friend in tow and wander.

#1 Carriageworks

More than just a gallery, Carriageworks has everything going for it as far as creative spaces go.  They have live music, theatre, art and sculptural exhibitions among other pop up markets and are always putting on something worth seeing.  If you don’t know where to begin, jump on to their website for a stellar smorgasbord.

From dining to farmer’s markets once you go there I think you might get sucked into returning. Whether it’s the live art, music, food, handmade, danced, acted, painted  works or photographed wonders; the greatness keeps coming out of the old rail yards in Redfern.  Please go cheggit.  Now.

#2 Black Eye Gallery

This gallery in Darlinghurst is a space dedicated to contemporary photography and you will never be disappointed with the works on display.  Open Tuesday to Sunday, you will find photography at the hands of local emerging artists, Australian professionals as well as internationally acclaimed works.  The smaller gallery space means there is less work on display at any one time, really allowing you to spend time observing and absorbing the artwork.  

Their current exhibit is Arial photography of Kati Thanda FKA Lake Eyre, by 5 Australian photographers known as The Light Collective.  The works are colourful, poignant and beautifully alien, you should go see it yourself before it ends on Jan 29th. No excuses.

#3 White Rabbit Gallery

This gallery has possibly come across your radar, for those attune. Tucked away behind Central Park in Chippendale, the gallery is nestled inside the belly of what was once a wool factory.  The architectural creativity of the entire building is something to be admired in itself.  Inside the modern interior housed is an extensive collection of contemporary Chinese art.  The whole collection is never shown at once and they have special exhibitions at different times throughout the year highlighting the works of different artists.  

Their current exhibition Vile Bodies is open until Feb 5 and is well worth a visit.  The works are thought provoking, beautiful and provide that satisfying depth that comes from viewing unique art.  The café at White Rabbit Gallery serve delicious dumplings and ice tea, so it would be well worth your while to make a day of it.

#4 107 Projects

This creative potluck is located in Redfern and has been supporting local artists and designers since it opened its newest incarnation in 2012.  Since then the space has been encouraging and supporting the arts in all forms from music, film, visual arts and performance art.  Allowing another space for creatives to display, exhibit, create, discuss and share ideas and build influence and inspiration.  

The multilevel, multidisciplinary space is always happening with something for everyone.  Check out what’s on or pop in for their Tuesday life drawing classes for a true taste of the artistic life.

#5 The New Standard Gallery

Located in Surry Hills, this gallery is new in itself although the team running and curating are anything but experienced and experts at what they do, always offering a plethora of talent from emerging and established artists.  At the New Standard Gallery, they seem to be encouraging art, inspiration and exploration through championing works from across the globe, not a solely Australian talent base.  The gallery always has beautifully curated exhibitions that are worth a leisurely peruse, so keep your eyes peeled for their next exhibit.

Image source: Carriageworks, The Pool Collective, City of Sydney, White Rabbit.

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