Top 5 Bars Of 2017

As per is this case every year, we announce our series of Top 5’s – and 2017 is no different. In this fab little island continent of ours, we are blessed with a tonne of brilliant bars, and while it was a bloody damn task, we’ve chalked up our Top 5 favourite bars of this year.

#1 Brisbane – The Osbourne Hotel

This venue has been around for over 100 years and has been called various names like The Dead Rat (nope, not kidding) and Fringe bar. Being a native Queenslander, I can confirm that The Osbourne is a quality place to spend time. Comfy seating in multiple rooms, plants, mood lighting, tunes, a menu that won’t rip your wallet to pieces and of course, alcohol. Between the three bars held within The Osbourne, there are 92 taps with enough choice of beer you could fill an Olympic pool with it. You’ll find your sneaky boutique wines and cocktails, perfect to drown out the humidity, and last but not least – $4 happy hour on weeknights. No matter the occasion; work knock-offs, birthday celebrations, or being dumped (this actually happened to me, and yes, you may laugh), this place is sure to remain one of your favourites.

#2 Sydney – Juanita’s

Formerly known as The Butler, this is the place you go with your friends to get your lush life on. Who wouldn’t want to look at that view, or have their photo taken in front of it? Espresso martinis and cocktails are where it’s at, perfect for sitting back and watching the sun slowly bid you adieu. The food looks good enough for A-listers, with steak, salmon and other nibblies on offer for you and your pals. Even though our faces are melting off from the heat, it is also worthy to mention that Juanita’s has a fire place for those cold Winter months (hooray for glam all year round).

#3 Melbourne – Heartbreaker

Open till 3am, the Heartbreaker is a must for sneaky late night cocktails in the CBD. Not only will you find a neon ‘heartbreaker’ sign that resembles something off your Tumblr dashboard, but you’ll also be able to take enjoyment in the pool table and jukebox (all I can think of is Gossip Girl). From martinis, manhattans or an old fashioned, this is a great place to start or finish your night (just camp out here for hours, what’s the rush?) Better yet, Connie’s pizza has been a nice addition, setting up shop inside the bar offering you New York styled pizzas.

#4 Adelaide – Florence Rooftop Bar

This adorable rooftop bar is perfect if you’re after casual drinks and a nice relax. Plants, exposed brick and a selection of seating beckons you to have a gander for a couple hours and ‘yes’ is the only acceptable answer. There is a selection of whites, reds, bubblies and cocktails (with finger platters to go with). So, you’ll either be dancing (uncoordinatedly) to the DJ’s set or zonked in a chair watching the stars. Either way, it sounds like my kind of time.

#5 Perth – Strange Company

Just the name alone makes this bar sound like a dandy time. The drinks menu boasts an array of bevvies with boutique beers and ciders (fancy), cocktails (of course), not to mention wine (some of which is on tap). Wine on tap is a feature that I never knew existed and if that’s not enough to have you crying real tears of joy, I don’t know what is. To soak up whatever concoction you’ve downed, you can choose from a selection of meats, seafood and cheeses. Or if you feel like being naughty, just go straight to demolishing desert (chocolate brownies, anyone?).

Image Source: Broadsheet, Urbanlist, Kaffana, Fremantle Story and Soda Factory

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