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5 Beachside Bars Along The Great Ocean Road

What Melbourne may lack in stellar beaches, we sure know how to make up for with waterfront drinking parlours nearby. And they’re only a road trip away. Making your way past the apostles or anywhere coastal? The Great Ocean Road a seasonal pilgrimage. If you’re headed to the sand this summer this is where to go for a tipple. Beachside bars worth the drive, promise.

#1 Aireys Pub, Airey’s Inlet

Who doesn’t love a good beach pub? Airey’s Inlet is definitely recommended as a solid stop while making your way down the coastal drive. Dig into the fine food offering (you won’t be stuck for options), and make the most of the beer garden, because we all know that’s what you came for. Rogue Wave Brewery is Airey’s Inlet’s very own brewery, guaranteeing your beer will be sublime and fresh enough to beat the heat.

#2 Bomboras, Torquay

The bar and restaurant resides inside a beautiful house along the coast. Not to mention that if Bomboras was any closer to the beach, it would be submerged in water – so it’s pretty perfect to get the classic beach and bev combo. Here you’ll find the menu is awash with fresh seafood, burgers, pizzas and finger food, perfect for a leisurely arvo in the beach air.

#3 Lorne Beach Pavillion, Lorne

A wedding favourite, but even so, you don’t have to be walking down the aisle to enjoy the beachfront goodness. This sunny spot is ideal for a beach cocktail after a dip in the sea baths.

#4 Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, Apollo Bay

In house brews and stunning countryside vistas, this brewhouse is a road trip pit stop you’ll make gleefully. Naw at the cheese platter while you watch the day pass under the sun. You get the best of both worlds and a craft beer to sink while you take it all in.

#5 Señors, Torquay

Don’t let the name fool you, this new Torquay local is not Mexican. Asian flavours dust the menu with Korean fried chicken, kim-chi and soba noodles all making an appearance. You’ll be sipping on mules and espresso martinis with this stellar summer outlook, beaming from ear to ear.

Image source: Timeout, Smudge Eats, Broadsheet, Great Ocean Road Brewhouse.

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