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Creative Second Date Ideas To Keep Them Coming Back For More

Once you’ve actually secured a second date, how do you decide what to do? I generally believe the best first dates ideas are drinks or dinner (you need to be able to allow yourself to get lost in talk, otherwise how do you learn about your potential paramour?). Once you’ve broken down the barrier of ‘getting to know’, you can be a bit more creative in your date ideas.

Nail Down Your Common Interests

So, you both love animals, eh? Well, what better date idea would there be than the zoo, or your local aviary, or a charming little farm? The Melbourne Zoo is genuinely one of my favourite places in my city, and it makes me happy to go there, a mood which bodes well for a potential date. I once went to the Collingwood Children’s Farm on a date and got to watch a goat give birth- certainly a talking point. Take note of the kinds of things you both enjoy and find an activity relative to this, making sure it’s something that gives you the time and space to chat as well.

Get Away

Jump in the car, or onto a train, and get away from your local surroundings for a bit. Heading to the same nearby locales and attractions might be a bit tiresome after a while. If you’re anything like me, you want a partner that wants to explore and get out as much as you do. You can do the research together and plan a getaway of whatever size you feel comfortable with. It will also show you how someone can be to travel with, which might be a good tip-off for the long-term.

Go Dutch

Regardless of who paid for things on the first date, it’s wise to do a split on the second. You don’t want to set a precedent where one person feels like they’re always paying. Do things and go places that fit your finances. There’s no reason you can’t see someone you fancy because you’re a bit skint. There’s loads of free things to do in your city if you go hunting online, and hopefully you feel comfortable enough around someone to simply say, “Let’s do something el cheapo this weekend, my invoices haven’t been paid yet.”

Cook Together

Seems corny, but it’s really rather pleasant. Rather than sitting across from one another in a restaurant, it’s nice to head to someone’s home and work together to get dinner on the table. Chatting and getting through a few beers while you assign tasks (“You cut the capsicum, I’ll slice the mushrooms”) makes for breezy conversation and an ultimately relaxed atmosphere. You never know, maybe it’ll even end up moving from the kitchen to the bedroom. Or not moving, in some cases.

Grab Brunch

Now you’ve most likely had dinner on the first date. So why not do the opposite and grab breakfast. It sounds the same but you’ll find yourselves in a completely different scenario. Get the mimosa’s, and the conversation flowing when your brain is fresh and ready for the day ahead. If all goes well, the date could even end up taking all day. And let’s face it, breakfast is way better than dinner. Unpopular opinion? Maybe.

P.s. Check out our favourite brunch spots in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

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