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Fab Winter Buys That’ll Keep You Cozy And Stylish (Without Breaking The Bank)

Unless you reside in the Sunshine State (miss you, Qld) it’s likely that your face is feeling the frost bite from your morning commute to work or Uni. The 40-degree heat waves that once left us locked inside or braving the overcrowded beaches are gone. At the first sign of Winter we rush to our wardrobes in a frenzy, and the reality dawns on us that we only have one jumper and a single pair of jeans. If that wasn’t enough to worry about, how do you maintain your style without looking like a squishy dumpling? Not to mention, without dropping all your cash on your wardrobe?

Staple Coat

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If you don’t have a coat, it’s time to go and buy one (please.) These things are the best if you’re wanting to be fashionable and warm, because surprise, those two things can go hand in hand. New Look have got ‘ya sorted with some sweet, warm and super fashionable coats like the New Look Grey Coat for less than a cheeky hundo. Depending on the colour of the rest of your wardrobe, you can choose to add a pop of vibrant colour, like red or orange, for instance. This Maroon Monki Coat is actually to die for, rocking that both casual + badass professional look all at once.

Stores like Glassons, Showpo, and H&M are also there if you aren’t in the mood to break your bank on a $350 coat.

Skivvies & Turtle Necks

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Skivvies sound lame (turtle necks perhaps even more), but anything that keeps you nice and toasty is a definite winner. If you’re not wanting to feel weighed down by the copious amounts of layers, these neck-lovers are the perfect solution as they’re often light but effectively keep the breeze out. You can get these from literally anywhere, from places like Witchery to Target, meaning you can decide where to buy them depending on the cost. Cotton On usually have sweet deals on their Long Sleeve V-Necks, where you can buy multiple for a sale price. They are also stellar for wearing under your sweater of choice, so just go and buy five.

Ps Check out this fab little Blue Acrylic Turtleneck which is both super warm yet fashionable, perf for underneath your coat of choice. Not to mention it’s down from $175.00 to $65.00 on ASOS right now (GO ALREADY DAMMIT).


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Once the temperature drops below 20 degrees, the trusty sweater emerges from the storage box under our beds. Year after year, sweaters are the favourite choice of attire when it comes to winter weather. And who can blame us for being obsessed? They’re perfect for rounding off an outfit. Their versatility goes along way, meaning it’s easy to pair with whatever you choose to wear that day. This Espirit Cat Polka Dot Sweater (yes Cat Polka Dot) is quite literally life goals. Jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it and it’ll probably suit.

Cotton On also has a nifty Batwing Sweater for you to get your hands on that is simple and cheap addition your wardrobe. Plus they always have a mass selection, so finding something that tickles your fancy will be easy.

Long dress / Skirt / Flowy Pants

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Unless you’re freaky and don’t feel the minuscule temperatures, little dresses and short skirts will probably leave you with the flu. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Stock up on a few longer dresses, long skirts and flowy pants to give your legs a fighting chance of maintaining feeling. These Flare-esque Brown Statement Pants on ASOS are a fab mix of work and play vibes that are under $40 (forty dollarydoos for crying out loud!)

The best thing about these items? You can layer underneath them and nobody will ever know. You can put leggings or gym pants on underneath and roll them up to wherever the dress/skirt/pants end. Good old Dishh, Glassons and Showpo have the selection you’re after, so go have a gander.


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They’re always a good time, and they keep your tootsies warm (and therefore, the rest of your body warmer.) Ankle boots are great for any occasion, and can be paired with nearly any outfit. Every ‘gal should own a black pair of boots (of some sort) and these Belted Black Truffle Boots are worth the $56 investment. The belted design adds a bit of character, but not too much – meaning they’re perfect for both work and the bar. Minimal spend, maximum outcome.

And if worst comes to worst.. Afterpay it.

Hunting for a winter bargain? Well our mates at Cotton On are offering all of our lucky readers 15% off ALLLL full price items (fk yeah!) Simply click here to get involved in the fashion fun and use code S5L65933XH94 (valid ’til May 21st, 2018 so act quick!). And you can also checkout some of the ASOS looks here, along with a bunch of their other warm winter specials. #TreatYo’self

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