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Games Like Cards Against Humanity For Your Next Drinking Sesh

Politically incorrect your kind of jam? Enjoy the sassy assertions and loaded answers of Cards Against Humanity? We got you. Rather than buying ever expansion pack under the sun, take on these adult only games for a plethora of fun times ahead that perfectly match an equally cheeky drinking sesh. Taking the popular format and driving into all new avenues, you’ll be holding regular game nights with pride. Get playing.

#1 Slash

A game made by Kickstarter funds, the independent release is similar in function to Cards Against Humanity, but more of a pop culture gold mine. The game works to match up fictional characters in romantic unions in the same round style play as Cards Against Humanity, making for one big matchmaking workshop of epic proportions. You must justify why they should be together with the cards provided and oh boy is it funny.

#2 The Contender

And just when you thought Cards Against Humanity was the most politically charged game on the market, enter The Contender. Show your governmental prowess and humorous take on the sad state of affairs. Played just like Cards Against Humanity, but with more insults and glorious talking points.

#3 F**ktionary

If Cards Against Humanity has wet your whistle for profanity, the adult take on the frivolous fun of the drawing game is satisfying. Innuendo a plenty and artistic takes on absurdity are sure to get the party started. Frame your new artworks and share the hilarity with friends. Not one for playing at home on family game night obviously.

#4 Jack Box

An Xbox game fusing all your favourite elements of Cranium, Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary into one handheld game. There’s a range of games and room for eight players, just bring your phone and you’re good to go. Players connect via a common code and use their phones as the canvas for a whole range of gameplay. Hilarious and absurd, just don’t forget your charger.

#5 What Do You Meme?

Internet heroes FuckJerry have created a game to reflect upon the memes of years gone by. What Do You Meme takes a format like Cards Against Humanity and elevates mockery to a new level. For those of you who don’t like to leave the internet to interact in the real world, this is for you.

Image source: Amazon, Kickstarter, The Daily Beast, Business Insider

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