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Mr Ratburn From Arthur Just Got Married And We Wish Him And His Husband All The Best

The opening song from Arthur is one of those ones where no matter how old you get, you’ll never forget. Arthur Read, the cute little aardvark from Elwood City has been going on adventures for almost 23 years now. And in the premiere of season 22, Arthur and his friends go to the wedding of their favourite teacher, Mr. Ratburn.

The episode titled, Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone revealed that the beloved teacher was marrying his boyfriend, now husband. The cake-loving, third-grade Lakewood Elementary School teacher invited all his favourite students along to the wedding.

Arthur has been running since 1996, and has always done it’s best to broaden the minds of its young audience. And while the current viewers may be a bit too young to feel the full effect of this reveal, fans of the original 90s and 00s run are freaking out.

CongRATulations, Mr and Mr Ratburn!

Image Source: PBS

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