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5 Cheeky Tips That’ll Have You Hangover Free After A Night Out

We’re all keen to let loose and have a good time, but when it comes to the consequences the morning after brings, suddenly we’re not so perky. How can we manage to get out and have a bit of fun, without feeling like we’ve been put through a (metaphorical) blender? Gather round, friends, because we’ve got some solutions.

#1 Avoid Darker Drinks

The darker drinks taste so nice and give us those warm fuzzies we love. However they make our hangovers that much more intense. Darker drinks like tequila, whiskey, cognac and bourbon contain higher amounts of congeners (little toxic chemical from fermentation, sounds fun right?) So, apologies to those who love a good old tequila sunrise. If that wasn’t sad enough news, these congeners could also slow down metabolism, meaning your hangover will linger for longer. It’s not all bad news though, gin and rum are low in these little suckers, with vodka containing almost no congeners at all. Of course, not an excuse to drink more, but it’s a small win, at least.

#2 Add Water (At Some Point)

This is a tried and true method that legitimately works (can confirm). Despite the fact that we’re drinking liquid, alcohol is super dehydrating (and sugary.) And not only does the booze cause our insides to shrivel up like prunes, but we move about so much that it’s like we’re at the gym. So why do we only leave the water till the last minute before we give into sleep? If you can manage to skull a water after every second drink, your body will remain mostly hydrated. This’ll ultimately help you wake up the next morning without a throbbing head. It’s like a form of magic.

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#3 Skip The Casual Ciggies

It’s common that after a few drinks, our need for fresh air and a quieter space is exacerbated. So naturally, the smoker’s balcony is where we choose to get that fresh air (we obviously don’t think it through too much, do we?) Craving a cigarette while drinking is common, whether that be due to lowered inhibitions, or a nicotine addiction (you can learn a little more about how tobacco works here.) However, it can make your hangover worse. So, while it may give you all those happy feels in the moment, the after effects might not be worth it.

#4 Eat Big Before Going Out

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘well duh’, but it’s surprising how many of us forget to do this. Whether this is because of the distraction of getting ready, or feeling like we don’t have the time, chaos is bound to ensue. Drinking on an empty stomach means that there’s nothing to help soak up whatever concoction you’re downing. Meaning you’re more likely to end up a hot mess sooner, rather than later. Those who have already been down this path (kudos to those who haven’t) know how sick it also makes you feel. It’s just not a good time, peeps, just save your bodies and chow down.


Have you ever had to work all day after a massive night of drinking antics? Most of us probably have (sorry bosses), and it’s safe to say that it’s actual torture. Not being able to catch up on sleep can cause our hangover to feel more horrid than anticipated. While sleeping, our bodies have time to start repairing themselves. It’s also a bonus that we get to remain oblivious to a fair chunk of the pain while we’re in snoozeland. Making sure that sleep is a priority will bring you one step closer to being hangover free. And if you’re struggling, there are plenty of tips to get that solid shut eye back.

Whatever you have planned for your next big bender, remember that hangovers can be reduced (actually though.) There’s a good chance most of us like the odd cheeky alcoholic dabble, and if you do, make sure you check out headspace’s tips on how to manage alcohol, so you know your limits when hitting the booze. Finally we can all be like that annoying one friend who somehow never gets hangovers.

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