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A Beginner’s Guide To Two Up

A note whiffed atop many a forehead, a pack of people surrounding an arena and a roar of feverous happiness by half the room as the coins are tossed. Two up is a game tied to Australian history so firmly that well beyond the trenches the game lives on. Perhaps it’s our national pride, or more likely it’s the one day offering and evening of odds that flicks a switch in many a not so regular gambler. But before you head to the local pub to watch from the sidelines in fear of messing up the game, here’s how to play for the uninitiated.

Come With Cash

Unless you plan on loosing or at very least risking a lot, it’s best to have a bundle of smaller notes ready to play. Avoid the ATM fees at your local and stock up on the lower denominations the eve before.

Pick A Spot Ringside

The “ringie” or ringmaster loads the paddles with two coins tail side up while gamblers such as yourself surround the designated square. Pick a spot near the ring and with a good view of the happenings, it may not affect your luck but it’s sure to make you feel more involved.

Better Up

Pick your spend and scan the room, bets are made at the head better’s direction. You make your call head, tails and hand over the cash for your betting partner to hold until the coins hit the ground.

Get Tossing 

Given the coins are tossed at least 10 feet into the air, landed within the designated space the bets go ahead. If both or with fall beyond it, the ringmaster will note the game as void and the spinner will toss again.

Collect And Celebrate

If both coins show tails, tails betters collect and vice versa when the coin spins to heads. If the coins don’t fall to the same, the spinner keeps tossing until there’s a unanimous result. You’re likely to hear a roar of excitement around the room and a few f-bombs in disappointment. From here you can go again, or cut your losses, two-up is only legal one day a year so might as well soak it up.

Image source: Greengate Hotel. 

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