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Ken Jeong, Funny Man And Real Doctor Answered A Bunch Of Medical Questions So Get To Learning


If you’ve ever wanted a doctor to yell and swear at you while answering your questions then step right up. Ken Jeong, actor, comedian, and actual medically trained physician has come back for round 2 of DocSupport.

This time, he’s covering topics from ear infections, e. coli vs iCarly, and peeing too much. The funny man mildly abuses us all while also giving some legitimate and helpful medical advice. This is his second round of the WIRED series, after his first video racked up over 23 million views.

If you’ve got some medical questions you’re interested in having answered watch the video below and see if he gets yours. (But also see your doctor if there’s something going on…)

Also, check out the OG Dr Ken Jeong DocSupport video below.

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