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Reasons Why Social Media Breaks Are Essential To Your Wellbeing

Social media over the last decade has managed to completely take over our lives. We rely on these specific apps to keep us in the loop and provide us with social validity and value. Unfortunately, this means there’s a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep your social media up to ‘social standards’. Whether that means your insta grid is looking fire or you’ve got over a thousand FB friends, there’s a million reasons we’re told to take breaks. If you think you’re spending too much time on the net, you’re probably right. Here’s why it’s essential to your wellbeing to take some serious social media breaks.

Regain Your Privacy

There’s a lot we unconsciously sacrifice when we spend our lives on social media. The main thing is our privacy. When you’re sharing your life 24/7 to hundreds of people, there’s not much you get to keep private. Whether you’re sharing what you’re eating for breakfast, or what you’re wearing to the movies, everybody knows your business. Stepping away from social media means you get to keep your private life private: no judgement, no gossip and no expectations. That protects your safety too, since being on social media means you constantly have a geolocation following you. Social media breaks for privacy aren’t just to prevent gossip, but to genuinely keep you safe. 

Take The Pressure Off Your Shoulders

With constantly having to keep your socials updated, comes a lot of serious expectations. Most of the time we put these on ourselves, because we seek validation from the likes and comments we receive. Unwanted and unnecessary pressure comes with needing to post every single day, and nothing denies that validation like a lack of likes. Giving yourself a break from the grips of social media hits you with a bit of a reality check about whether the pressure is really required. It also gives you the opportunity to take some time, breathe, and think about your future goals and desires.

Strengthen Your Real World Relationships

Imagine you can spend time with people you care about in real life…I know, game-changing. It’s pretty self explanatory: taking some time away from the screen gives you plenty room to spend with those closest to you. IRL d&m’s and friend dates are the best way to catch up and strengthen your friendships. Head out to dinner with your family, phone free. You’ll be surprised at how good the conversation will be!

Get Your Personal Time Back

Less time spent on socials converts to more time in the real world. Taking good breaks from using social media means that you get to devote a whole bunch of hours to doing what you really love. Whether that is painting, going to the gym or just kicking back with a movie, it’s super beneficial to your wellbeing to have a little be of me-time, without your socials screaming your name.

See The World In Its Unedited Beauty

Perhaps the most beneficial plus to taking a social media break: embracing the real world. Getting out into nature and getting some fresh air provides so many incredible benefits to your brain and body. Living in the moment, and seeing the world in its natural beauty, not shadowed by a filter or an airbrushing. Nothing on social media can compare to the feeling of sunshine on your skin and crisp air going in and out your nose.

So if it’s one thing you do this week, make it a social media break. You’ll thank yourself (and us) later.

Image Credit: Becca Tapert 

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