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The New Makeup Trend To Liberate You

Behold, the new makeup trend to transform your life: no makeup. Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about no-makeup makeup (makeup tricks to make you look like you’re not wearing any). We’re talking no makeup as in seeing and feeling the beauty of a barefaced woman whether you’ve got perfect or blemished skin. We all know letting go of this very intrinsic part of womens’ lives saves hundreds of dollars and at least twenty minutes each day, but this trend runs deeper. How else can wearing no makeup liberate you?

Declutter Your Life

Travelling long-term made me realise I don’t need a lot of material stuff to live happily. When you’re jet-setting with nothing but a 7kg carry-on suitcase, ain’t nobody got space for a make-up kit. Returning to Australia, I moved homes with that travel mentality and made serious effort to live minimally. I cleaned out my four boxes of overflowing lipsticks, half-used mascaras, untouched ever so slightly different shades of blushes, one too many eyeliners promising different wing swishes, and fifteen boxes of faux lashes from Japan. A lot of which I’ve had for years and continually hoarded. Avoid digging through piles and throw out your junk. Out of sight, out of mind. Decluttered space, decluttered mind.

Take Pleasure In A New Wellbeing Activity 

Apply makeup = 20 minutes. Countless reflection checking throughout the day for smudges = 10 minutes. Touch ups = 10 minutes. Carefully removing makeup ensuring lashes are in tact = 10 minutes. For most days, I’d rather use those 50 minutes towards my genuine wellbeing or to up my life skills. Like a 5km jog, a daily meditation practice or listening to a Tim Ferris podcast. Try this: for the next four weeks, commit to #nomakeupmonth at the workplace and instead use that time to kickstart your day with something that makes you feel inspired or inspiring.

Bring Out Your Non-Try-Hard Goddess 

Those weeks will begin to feel insanely awkward as insecurities surface. Perhaps wearing no makeup is only good for when you want to tell the world to back off, you feel. Stick it out. Time and time again women report their skin improving after not using makeup for long periods, myself Exhibit A. Even then, women are human. We were not born with flawless skin, long lashes, bushy manicured brows and bright plum lips. Know your entire physical existence is beautiful, and walk and talk with confidence donning au naturale flaws and all. When a woman can sincerely rock that, there’s this alluring effortless flair she carries with her. The vitality of a woman’s energy triumphs a pretty made up face.

Honour Yourself 

Cultivate more self-care into your daily life. This is the most attractive look a woman can go for. For one week look at yourself everyday in the mirror for five minutes examining every inch of your face with wonder, acceptance and love. When heading out, at first it might feel like people don’t think you’re putting in effort. (Although I bet no one would’ve brought it up.) That’s just a reflection of what you need to deal with internally. Meaning, we must get comfortable being barefaced to let our inner spirits shine without discounting ourselves makeup-less as if we’re not at our “best”. It’s tough considering the pressure for women to conform to society’s standards of beauty, but with conviction I hope my future daughter knows she can be happy and successful in career and life without makeup.

I’m not anti-makeup. I’ve just never felt more liberated than to walk out of the house without thinking about makeup. And I’ve never felt more honestly beautiful.

Image Sources: Hey Mikey ATL, Daewyn, Pexels, Demi Lovato Instagram, Clean Plates.

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