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5 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

Back at work and already counting down to your next holiday? Yeah well it could be time to reconsider the old work life. It’s a universal truth that Fridays are the best day of the week sure, but if you’re constantly living for TGIF, a career change might be a good investment. Be honest and ask yourself some of the following questions about your 9-5.

#1 Lack Of Motivation

We often overlook the biggest indicator we need a change, our bodies. Feeling low on energy, constantly restless or just lacking motivation? It’s time to stop what you’re doing and ask why. At times we all feel discontentment but boredom should never be part of our daily routines. Reassess whether or not this boredom can be combated through setting goals. By creating small achievable tasks, a sense of accomplishment can be reintegrated into your work life. However, if you find yourself continually neglecting to complete these jobs it’s evident that you are running low on motivation. This isn’t good for you or your employer.

#2 Not Your Passion

Many people find themselves putting time down at jobs they have no passion for. It’s easy to reassure yourself you will eventually leave once you’re more financially stable. But the reality is you’re putting yourself at risk of wasting your time and prolonging your opportunity to find happiness. The majority of your week is spent at work, so it’s incredibly important to find something that adds a sense of fulfilment to your life. Do you already know what your passion is? If you do, then congratulations! Now does your current job enable that dream to become a reality? If you answered no, then look into what will and go do that. Life’s too short to wish you were doing something else. Taking the risk is far more exciting than daydreaming about it. Go go go.

#3 No Growth Opportunities

Reached your professional ceiling at work? If you’ve found yourself in a workplace rut, take this year as an opportunity to expand your professional horizons. A job should always be both challenging and fulfilling. When you find yourself completing tasks on autopilot take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If you aren’t developing or strengthening your skillset, then it’s time to think about a promotion or at least expanding your responsibilities. Sometimes no matter how hard you work, there’s just no more to be gained from a role. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept this and stay. Look into finding a workplace that can facilitate your growth, not stunt it.

#4 Negative Workplace Culture

The best way to know if a workplace culture is negative is to ask yourself whether your current career is impacting your happiness. It’s not uncommon for people to experience Sunday night depression, but headaches, aching limbs and lower levels of concentration are all warning signs you shouldn’t ignore. A job should never impact your physical or mental health. Try to determine what the cause of this dissatisfaction is. Maybe the work is too challenging, or the deadlines are unreasonable? If this is the case talk to your colleagues about how they manage their tasks under the workplace culture. If the work itself isn’t the problem, but rather an over demanding boss or unpleasant work mates, then it’s best to move on.

#5 Lack Of Incentives

Have you been working somewhere for years with little more respect than when you first started? Know your worth. A job well done should be acknowledged and rewarded. Incentives don’t always come in the form of money. Some great incentives you should keep an eye out for include positive feedback, acknowledgement of worth and opportunities for greater responsibility. If your boss/manager ignores your hard work or doesn’t allow you to work autonomously then you’re facing a major red flag. Continually proving you’re reliable should result in greater levels of responsibility within the workplace. But sometimes this isn’t the case. If you are feeling under-appreciated, it’s important to make that job change, or at least ask your superiors about it.

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