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How To Quit Your Job And Pursue Your Dream

I’m not going to tell you that you should pack up and leave your day job right now. Nope that is not what I’m here for. Throwing out lofty motivational crap is not my style. If you want to follow your dreams there are a few tips and ideas to consider. It is a bit harder than all the inspirational quotes and blogger statements that claim there is no use sticking it out in a position you hate. In fact consider your current job situation as experience. So before you hand in your resignation and quit your job, consider this.

Identify your purpose

Maybe it’s the cubical walls or the water cooler chatter, but perhaps you’re just not cut out for office life. That tie can feel like an ever tightening noose when the pressure builds up. Feeling useful or purposeful is the underlying key to motivation. It’s the reason some bankers get up in the morning and head to work beaming with pride. Why some lawyers fight for justice relentlessly and teachers work for next to nothing pay. Finding your purpose is easier said than done, but once you identify something you could do every day for the rest of your life, you’re on the right track.

Communication is key

No matter if you are in retail, a trade, a checkout chick or a bartender these jobs provide you with a skill set many people are ill-equipped with when first entering the workforce. Communication is vital to any position you hold. Whether it is computer literacy and typing skills or traditional face-to-face banter the way in which you conduct yourself as an individual gives you a certain confidence when changing your career. If you’re moving on to your side hustle as a full time pursuit, communicating is going to be your key business driver.

Utilise your skills

That Arts degree isn’t useless. If you feel like pursuing an alternate career is negating that university experience, you’re wrong. Think of it as an additional skill, setting you apart from other people in your field. That philosophy degree may set you up for ideas other retailers couldn’t even fathom. Apply your skills wherever you can in your new chase and it will set you apart.

Make connections

Your connections that you make at your current job could lead you to your next career jump. The power of talking and networking with all sorts of people in your workplace may well link you to your future plans. Even if it is a distance cousin to your Manager at McDonald’s the exchange of an email address or phone number may well be your ticket to scoring a position with that radio show you love.

Look to the future

The job you hold right now should be considered as a stepping-stone. Look at all the positives you have been given through the position. Count them, list them and then decide if you have the knowledge and determination to move on. With this too comes financial security. Consider if you do leave this job if you have enough money to support yourself for 3-6 months. This time window will ensure you have the support for basic living standards and the time for future planning. During this time you will be your own boss. Therefore you are in control of the steps you take forward to pursuing your dream.

Celebrate you

The most rewarding aspect of leaving your day job is learning to be your own person. This is slightly different to being your own boss in fact you’ll learn about different parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed. This could include self-control, determination and the ability to be a critical decision maker. Learning from yourself can only mean you are passionate about the end result and thus moving on from your day job is a positive change.

Be bold, no regrets

The big make or break of your decision to quit your day job can be burdened by the big “what if” question. When you move on you should not feel sad or depressed or questioning if you have made the right decision. The “what if” should be filled with no regrets. There is no right or wrong decision everything becomes a learning experience.

Success doesn’t come easy

Be prepared you wont be successful overnight and in fact you may not ever achieve what you expected in the beginning. Leaving your day job may be scary but if it is truly what you want to do then just do it.

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