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Sydney, Fancy Free Cocktails And Bites This Weekend?

No I’m not talking a sad serving of red wine with a piece meal filling of chopped fruit that some pub sells as sangria, these free cocktails are top notch. Thanks to the fine folk at The Lobo Plantation, they’re celebrating their new menu in the best way possible for sipping connoisseurs like yourself – free drinks of course. The institution of debauchery and creativity have been serving rum up with finesse, swilled and shaken to perfection in cocktails and on it’s on since their inception.

One of their senior bartenders Ryan Snedden made it to the 2017 Bacardi Global Legacy Cocktail Competition final round for their handiwork, but forgot the piece de resistance at the final hurdle. The rum. But their choke is yours to reap, with the menu shakeup offering free drinks and food to the first in and very best dressed at the venue for one evening only, this Saturday 1st April. Co-owner of The Lobo Plantation, Jared Merlino has chosen to start afresh using the completion mishap as inspiration.

“We love a piss take, so theming the new menu and the party around Ryan’s hiccup seemed like a bit of fun. But it is also a way of steering people towards drinking more Caribbean rum, a product we obviously love! We are so proud of the work Ryan, and the team as a whole, have done in the past year… the new cocktails are world class and really highlight the versatility of rum.”

Perhaps the most wondrous incarnation of bar banter but we’re certainly not complaining. With 12 of the 16 cocktails currently on the menu being switched in favour of new rum laden divinities, this is one taste test you don’t want to miss. And with extended trading hours to boot, you can sip and swill for a little longer from April 1st. And if it all seems to good to be true, this is no April fools.

From peppered Bacardi twists on the mojito to a tiki torch filled to the brim with cashew milk and tropical flavours, their creativity bayside knows no bounds. Doors open at 4pm and free drinks will be flowing from 6pm-8pm, so we suggest you pull up a stool early on. A very hearty cheers to a free weekend of booze and bites!

Image source: The Lobo Plantation.

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