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The Struggles Of The Ultimate Third Wheel

So your best mate of years – the person you party with, eat with, hang out with, nap with – has entered into a new relationship. Danger, danger your mind in screaming. You know you have immediately lost your number one pal to the soppy first months of a new relationship. The person you once did everything and anything with now has a new mister or missus you have to share them with. So that leaves you with one title ‘The Third Wheel’. And being the third wheel, there will always be a number of situations involving the new happy couple that will never impress you. So we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best (or the worst of the worst).

‘I love taking photos of you guys!’

You’ve become the personal photographer of the new couple. Their first trip to the beach together immediately becomes the ‘First trip to the beach’ photo shoot. However, at least someone is finally appreciating your camera skills.

‘It’s cute when you guys make out at the table.’

You’re all for some PDA between your best mate and their new love, but there are limitations. No one wants to eat whilst watching the re-enactment of The Notebook.

‘This isn’t as awkward as I thought.’

So you were somehow invited to a three-day festival with your new favourite pair. A long car trip, tent sharing and romantic interludes during an evening set. Yep it’s awkward, especially when you don’t have your own human teddy bear.

‘You won’t be the third wheel forever.’

Your mate’s trying to comfort you with the fact that you too will soon have a partner that will turn your three way dates into more of a double date. However your love affair with Netflix and unsuccessful Tinder swipes are telling another story.

‘[Insert name of partner here] has the perfect friend for you.’

Ah, the classic friend set up. Being the third wheel you’re super happy for your mate, but you can find your own true love.

‘I’m not lonely. I have me!’

You love being a strong, independent, fun loving person. Maybe sometimes you feel a little lonely being the third wheel, but you embrace the single life and love being their for your mate and their new lover.

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