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Vox Pop – Reuben Wilson

Each week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current issues from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Reuben

Age: 25

Occupation: Student/University Tutor

Donald Trump referred to ‘bad hombres’ when describing immigrants during the final debate, comical mishap or embarrassingly out of touch?

Honestly, I’d like to view it as an insanely hilarious comical mishap if I genuinely thought he didn’t mean it. Even then, he’s tragic. Trump is from another planet. He’s also in the wrong career. He should be a stand-up comedian, because those guys say whatever they want without consequence and get all the laughs too.

A report in the Australian this week blamed smashed avocados for millennials being unable to break into the housing market, baby boomer trash writing or real concern?

Definitely baby boomer trash talking. If you’re too tight to go out and enjoy a nice avo smash with your friends on a good old Saturday morning, you’re not doing it right. You gotta get the balance right between being tight and liking to drop a dollar here and there.

Azaelia Banks was allegedly manhandled and called a racial slur by Russel Crowe earlier this week, Crowey’s at it again or they’re both a little crazy?

I’ve always thought Russel Crowe is as crazy as they come. If you can afford to remove that mole in the centre of your face but you don’t, I’m not too sure what you’re all about. In all seriousness though, I don’t think we’ll ever know what actually happened and it’s probably fair to say that they were both pretty crazy at the time, being at a party and all.

The same sex marriage plebiscite quietly passed through the house this week, the plebiscite is useless or a sign of greater equality ahead?

I’m not a huge fan of wasting tax payer dollars on something such as a plebiscite, raised for an issue, which….. shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not an issue. People should be supported and openly accepted for who they are and how they feel. Why isn’t that a thing yet? Why can’t I love another man and marry him if I want to? It’s ridiculous and quite frankly it makes a mockery of our entire nation.

Trading season has just finished in the AFL and the media is having a field day, a whole lot of fanfare or some really big moves ahead?

Love me some footy. Love me some trade news and rumours get me really hot and bothered. The trade period finished yesterday and there were some pretty big moves. Lids went from Tiger Land to the Giants, Gold Coast’s best player landed at Hawthorn and big ol’ Clokey left the Pies for the Doggies. Just some of the bigger names there for ya.

Leo Dicaprio is touted to star in a Captain Planet film, perfect fit for his eco warrior persona or not interested?

I’m pretty mad about Leo, so I’d see it just because of the huge crush I have on him. Not sure he’s a good fit for it though, unless he dies. I’m used to him dying in all his films. The Departed, The Revenant, Blood Diamond, Django Uncahined etc. To be fair though he does live in a lot of movies too, but I think I’d make a pretty sick Captain Planet.

Nintendo is set to unveil it’s new gaming console NX, excited or ’64 user through and through?

I won’t be buying it unless it’s really something special. I’m a Sony dude, now. But back in the day, I loved my N64 so so much. I still have it and every now and then, it comes out for a play.

MnM’s have introduced a new filling, caramel, weird choice or potentially delicious?

I’m gonna go with potentially delicious. Mars bars are all about that caramel and I’m all about those Mars bars, so I’d definitely give the carame MnM’s a crack.

An article this week labelled commenters on Facebook famous couple Gem Gem Sullivan and Justin Ryan who make odd videos, as bullies. A bit of harmless fun or taking advantage of online personalities for laughs?

Now, this is a tough one. I’m not sure whether I’m a bully or not because I go to their page for laughs, but I never leave comments or directly bully them. But seriously, some of the comments people leave on their posts are pretty distasteful and are nothing short of concrete cyber bullying.

An Australian tourist has been charged for farting in a strippers face in Orlando, Florida, an ongoing trend of Aussies’ behaving badly abroad or misunderstanding?

While I was fortunate enough to meet some really beautiful Australian people on my exchange trip to England, I’ve also met some really big bogans. I think I’ve met more bogan Aussies than nice Aussies overseas actually, so I’m gonna go with behaving poorly.

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