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5 Shows To Stream On Valentine’s Day

Perhaps you’re less about the commercialised day of cupid and more about a practical affection. Smooth operations and the right choice of backdrop can turn an evening movie into a swoon worthy night. Just make sure to avoid the conspiracy docos and serial killer tales, in favour of the Netflix equivalent of mood lighting. Dim, baby, dim.

#1 Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix

The cult new hit show starring Drew Barrymore is the newest Netflix original to take Twitter and the internet by storm. A suburban mum undergoes a bloodthirsty transformation and the Stepford wife facade all but dissolves. An exploration of zombie behaviour in the confines of normal life, it’s dark humour makes it worth consuming en masse. The entire series that is. Make sure you check your date can handle a little blood spatter before watching.

#2 Masters of Sex, Stan

Set in the swinging 70’s, a time of sexual liberation, this show is addictive and suggestive in all the right measure. Taking on sex from a purely scientific angle, ahem, and challenging the assumptions that still ring true today. Starring Michael Sheen as the astute and awkward researcher and Lizzy Caplan of Mean Girls fame. With four seasons on offer, you can binge with no end in sight.

#3 500 Days Of Summer, Netflix

A rom com with a heart of cold, 500 Days of Summer is an indie darling. Featuring hipster heroes Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel (pre her New Girl days), this movie is the ultimate first move. It’s quaint love story is all charm and no goo. The ending, without giving away too much, is the perfect antidote to the saturated affair of Valentine’s Day.

#4 Mad Max: Fury Road, Stan

A bolder choice, but the cinematic genius of the dusty world is a solid option. Hear me out, Tom Hardy’s venture across the desert in pursuit of freedom is captivating. It’s the ideal solution to a streaming evening filled with doe-eyed romance and stories that toy with your heart. Just the right blockbuster to keep everyone happy.

#5 Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Netflix

For the fine film consumers, this Cannes winning love story is all French finesse. Think delicate plot lines, irreverent stars and darling cinematography. Show off to your date about your film knowledge or try and demonstrate that little French you know. There’s really nothing more enchanting than French romance.

Image source: HBO.

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