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5 Wicked Newcastle Acts That Are Playlist Must-Adds

There is such a sense of community when it comes to supporting local artists and their musical ventures. But with the likes of Sydney and Melbourne being so boisterous and large, we often forget that there are local bands from beyond that are worth opening your ear holes for. As it turns out, Newcastle has become a little melting pot for new music. For whatever reason, the area has remained relatively under the radar, despite the fact that they’re bleeding through some addictive tunes.

So, here are some of the best up and coming Newy acts you’re bound to froth over.


These guys have been around since 2015 and with the progression of time this post-punk (and alt-rock, hell yes) band have been on the road, making a stellar rep for themselves. They’ve played with the likes of the ever-popular British India and WAAX, which has a great time written all over it. Championing mental health awareness, PALS’ new single Consumed has a focus on tearing down the barriers of social anxiety. Consumed is just a crumb of what we’ll be in for, and one thing’s for sure, it’ll be nowhere but up for this determined group.

#2 Vacations

These boys just toured around Europe and made a stop to play at SXSW (which is a massive deal.) Vacations‘ overall vibe feels like something you’d play on a Sunday afternoon with a nice drink in your hand while you’re sitting in the sun. Their song Home is sure to make you feel like you’re driving to the beach for a little getaway. You just can’t be stressed while listening to their indie vibes play, so give them a sneaky listen.

#3 Raave Tapes

You would’ve seen this group rock it out at Groovin the Moo in Maitland, this year. If you were there you probably would’ve recognised them for their unique, gritty (and extremely loud) guitars. Their sound is fun, yet heavy and even has a subtle Rage Against The Machine feel (no small feat.) It also makes your head vibrate (in the best way.) Why they’re called Raave Tapes is pretty self-explanatory once you give them a listen. They’re said to have some big plans for this year and we’re pretty keen to see what’s coming up for the guys.

#4 Dave

They’re known as one of Newcastle’s favourite live bands, and it’s pretty clear as to why. dave possess the Aussie larrikin nature we all love and get around. It makes for a good time at a gig right? Correct. You’ll definitely be bopping about the bar, even if you have a full beer in your hand and the risk of spilling it is high. They have a bit of a 1975 vibe, too.

#5 Fritz

So, who the hell was this cool in high school? Yes, Fritz is young (and part of unearthed High) but it didn’t stop her from putting out the best Newcastle album in 2017. She’s got just the right amount of that dreamy, Lo-fi goodness, and angst mingled in with it. Her influencers are The Cure and Sonic Youth, which is definitely a point in her favour. With only the one main single out, very worth keeping your eyes peeled here.

Image source: Vacationsfanclub and The Herald: Matt Briggs

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