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Cheap AF Mother’s Day Gifts Which Still Feel Very Sentimental

Mothers are a special breed of human being. How they can put up with the rest of our antics is completely beyond me. But alas, they love us unconditionally. While our Mothers deserve the entire world, some of us are poor and can’t achieve such a level of extravagance. But with that being said, there are still ways to celebrate your Mum that will make her feel special, without denting your wallet.

Embrace Your Talents

Can you draw, video edit, write, paint, sing or do any of the other creative things (there are a lot)? Then you can utilise your talents and create something for her to hang in a frame, or a keep sake to admire. Painting something for a specific wall in her house would not only be sentimental, but it would also be a practical gift that she’d be able to look at and love. You could grab the home videos from when you were little and edit them into a small video of funny, memorable moments. Hand make a card with any gift you give, and it’s sure to be put in the ‘special box’. Because let’s face it, our Mum’s keep (hoard) anything we make them.. even if it’s horrible.


There is something extra special about having photos from memories of your time together. Seeing as everything seems to be held up within computers and smart phones, give your Mum something more tangible for her to not accidentally delete. You can put them in a photo album for her coffee table, or make an entire personalised scrapbook. Pinterest is filled with crafty inspiration ideas, just in case you feel as though your scrap book will turn into a mass of glitter and glue.

Take Her To Her Favourite Places

You know that concept where you spend all day with your Mum doing what she wants to do? What’s that called again? Oh, that’s right.. quality time. And guess what, quality time just so happens to cost next to nothing. We’re not saying that you should spend no dosh on your Mother dear. But, if you’re a little strapped for cash, quality time is a sure-fire way to get the older version of you feeling over the moon. If she loves a particular coffee shop, take her there for breakfast. Does she love the sunshine and flowers? The botanical gardens are the place to go. You don’t have to overcomplicate anything. At the end of the day, she’d want to spend time with you over any other possession you could give her.

Favourite Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, especially if you get your Mum’s favourites. While flower arrangements can be a bit of an expensive feat, you can personalise it and do most of the heavy lifting. If you can acquire the flowers of choice, you can buy fancy (but cheap, thanks Kmart) wrapping paper and imitate (or try to) how the florist would do it. The money you’ll save on not spending cash money at the florist could be put towards purchasing her favourite chocolates.

Make Her A Care Package

Most of you should know what your Mum needs, even though she refuses to stop and see it herself. If your Mother refuses to stop and rest, a care package might be the way to go. This is where you can cater the package to what they need the most and chuck some of their favourite things in there too. If she needs to relax (they raised you.. therefore they need to relax), get an assortment of face masks and essential oils. Does your Mum like good smelling candles? Include one in there. Oh, get wine, too. Knowing the Mum’s out there, they’ll probably be focused on everyone else. So, in order for them to use the care package, you’ll have to take initiative and use the products on them like a qualified beautician wizard. You won’t hear them complaining though, that’s for sure.

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