Young. Independent. Fearless.
(& a little cheeky.)

If you’re in search of the after party, you’ve come to the right place. We got your backstage tickets in hand. Or maybe it’s pre job interview advice you seek. We have it all, from fashion tips to easy confidence boosters. But you’re probably wondering, who exactly we are, right? What is 5Why? Great question.

We’re an independent publishing and events business made by young Australians for you – our own mates, friends and colleagues. No one ever said adulthood was going to be easy, so let’s navigate it together, one how to guide at a time. We got you covered on everything, from the simple day to day stuff to the big life decisions. Discovering, stumbling and learning from our f*ck ups. We are your definitive guide to everything work and play.

We’re the who, what, when, where, why and how of getting your shit together. From the job interview to the secret gig, weekend getaway to overseas ex-pat journey. We love supporting locals; the up and comers in arts, business, music, cafes/bars and everything in between.

So come stumble, party and live with us. None of us are perfect – so let’s be un-perfect together.

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