5 Of Our Fave Cards From FlexMami’s New Steamy ReFlex Collab

Kinks out.

We of course all love ya girl FlexMami, and for a while now her critical thinking card game ReFlex has been a must. And now Flex has teamed up with sex-wellness brand Lovehoney to launch a special, steamy, seductive version of her card game which includes questions about sex.

Look we know, so often the hardest part of talking about sex is starting the conversation, so this new convo-starting card game has been created to make this a whole lot easier. 

We were able to get our sneaky little hands on a deck, and boy is it a lot of fun. To give you a little teaser, the game is deep at times, unique, inclusive and designed to trigger open conversations, helping you improve your relationship with sex and intimacy all the while normalising the topic.

The pack includes 50 cards in total, and I played it with my partner over the weekend – and here are some of my faves from the lot.

How has hookup culture impacted your view on sex?

Straight out of the gates with a fab question. It’s crazy how much more sex-positive we’ve become as a society, and with the influx of dating apps it’s certainly changed dating, sex and hook up culture. I think “hookup culture” is personally a shit term anyways, it makes sexual freedom sound negative and frowned upon. But similarly, it’s also a fair question – are we more accepting of different kinks, desires, needs?

How would describe an orgasm?

This was a bit of a doozy. Like it’s something arguably we’ve all experienced, or want to experience – but have you ever thought about what it actually feels like? Like what are the positive, negative, mild experiences or feedback you get from an orgasm? When you actually dwell on the question for more than a few seconds, it’ll pull some interesting thoughts.

What do you think sex education is missing?

Is there a more relevant time to be thinking about a question like this? With the March 4 Justice rallies, countless allegations and crimes clearly happening in the political world, as well as a lot of chatter about consent – sex ed arguably is at the top of the conversation. Actually stopping for a second and thinking/chatting about how sex ed could be improved was an exercise I highly recommend to everyone.

What was the first “sex talk” you received? 

YIKES. This one hit hard, mainly because this happened to me when my very religious mum ~caught~ me as an innocent teen. What followed was a 60-minute lecture about basically not having sex or kids before marriage – look I’m 1/2 mumsy, that ain’t bad.

Do you care if your sexual partner doesn’t climax?

This one was a tad confronting, because it makes you think if you truly care about your partner’s climax, or if you do it just to be fair/nice. Is that in itself a fair answer? If you feel like making your partner climax is a chore, is that bad? Is there a mandatory cuddle period post-climax? SO MANY FOLLOW UPS!

So as you can see from these favourites of mine, the game whips up some serious sex-friendly thought starters.

Click here to grab your own pack of cards, or for more info on all things sex wellness, Lovehoney is the place to go. Happy nutting!

Image Source: FlexFactory

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