Places To Meet Your Summer Fling This Year, Outside Of Tinder

Delete Tinder and get out into the real world this summer.

Time to start watching Dirty Dancing and doing your research, because this year is the year of the summer fling! Whether you’re on uni hols, taking time off work or travelling, what better time is there for an equally agreed no commitment, flirt fest? In the true nature of the summer fling, you absolutely cannot meet this person on Tinder; it defeats the whole purpose! A summer fling should be exciting, short and unexpected.

Firstly, to clarify, the rules of the summer fling are as follows:

  1. Both parties must be totally on board with knowing the relationship is just a fling and will end once the summer is over
  2. You cannot talk about the future or what happens at the end of the summer, you have to live in the moment and enjoy it for what it is
  3. You cannot get attached to the fling
  4. Neither parties can allow themselves to fall in love with the fling
  5. The fifth rule is that you should absolutely, by all means, break rule four and find true love this summer.

So in saying that, here’s where to find your own exciting romance this summer.

Accept Every Invitation To Parties, BBQs Or Bars

This sounds crazy, but people are more relaxed and open to things in the summer, than at other times of the year. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and accept every invitation you receive to every pool party or BBQ this year, even if you barely know anyone. Give yourself 20 seconds of insane courage (We Bought A Zoo style) and approach that cute stranger.

Take Up A New Hobby

Whether it be swimming in an ocean bath every morning, taking a new gym class or signing up to learn a foreign language – do something new with your spare time this summer and you will be surprised at who you may meet.

Travel Alone

Travelling is the absolute best way to meet new people. Especially if you’re by yourself; people are more likely to approach you. Look out for new people at airports, hotels / hostels, tours and places of interest. Just fake it ‘til you make it and be as confident as possible.

Go To Concerts

Strangely enough, summer concerts can be pretty good places to meet new flings. We are always attracted to people with the same taste in music as us, so you’ve already got points handed to you. And think about it, it’s a warm night, the stars are out, you’re dancing to music, you don’t have work the next day – if that does spell romance, I don’t know what does!

Amusement Parks

Bear with me here – if you look hard enough in between all of the families, there are actually other adults who go to theme parks or waterparks in the summer. I promise! And honestly, how easy is it to strike up a conversation with the person behind you in line. If nothing else, flirting will definitely make the line go quicker.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Great American Films Limited Partnership

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