5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Luke Cook, The Funniest And Most Chaotic Bloke On Insta

An account that does. not. flop.

You may know his face, but you may not know his name, but Luke Cook is about to become your the man behind your next fave insta account.

The Australian actor got his big break as Lucifer Morningstar (a.k.a. the Dark Lord, a.k.a. ‘Daddy’) on Netflix’ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – that just dropped its fourth and final season – after a few smaller guest roles on Modern Family and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Yet, even though he plays the literal Devil on-screen, his social media content is a far less sinister affair (but just as chaotic).

His account gives the same energy as a few other iconic Aussie insta personalities. He does the dance-y dance and hilarious skits of The Inspired Unemployed, the celebrity mimicry of Celeste Barber, and facial flexibility of HiJosh, all in one account.

It’s hard not to re-share every single post and story  to your own account.

Whether it’s making a video featuring one of his many hilarious personas (with wigs, accents, and backstories to boot), or creating his own flute-tastic music videos, to mocking trends, your feed isn’t complete without having Luke Cook to leave you in stitches.

Not convinced, here are just five reasons why @thelukecook is about to become your next favourite Instagram account.

No. 1: The Dedication To His Menagerie Of Characters.

The first thing you might notice with a quick scroll through the feed, is the vast array of wigs and costume changes Luke makes. That’s how dedicated to getting to the essence of his characters he is.

Take the Yogi who loves to lead a class through an “Oh”-inducing morning class. Or the influencer who wants to impart some inspirational, beautiful wisdom. Or the girl (who we either are or know) who can’t stop telling everyone about her #EuroSummer.

A crowd fave, though, is Louise, a woman who loves to support Aussie businesses and educate her daughter about the real meaning of ‘WAP’, but can’t seem to get her family’s Chinese takeaway order right.


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No. 2: The Dancing, The Disco, The Air Band & Flute Solos.

It doesn’t matter who did it first, but much like The Inspired Unemployed fellas, Luke loves a good disco groove. They even made a video together.

And during the pandemic lockdown, he really stepped up his music video productions, adding even more instruments to his air band and even more punch to his flute solos.


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So much time was spent perfecting mimed instruments, he said on his account, he could’ve actually learned to play one.

No. 3: The Celeb/Model/Influencer Mockery.

I don’t know how, but he does it every bloody time. The facial expressions, the poses, the costumes, the ANGLES. Every damn time.


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Whether it’s one of the celeb faces of a perfume or just one of the models for a Chemist Warehouse poster, no one is safe.


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No. 4: Even His ‘Regular’ Content Doesn’t Flop.

Day-to-day Instagram content is brilliant. Whether it’s a cute photo with his wife Kara, behind the scenes snaps from CAOS or his appearances on Katy Keane, gym selfies (but somehow they’re kinda artful?), or raising awareness for good causes, it’s all good content. There are no flops. I am yet to encounter something ‘eh’ about this account.

No. 5: The Q&A Story Confessionals.

But, my personal favourite thing about Luke Cook and following his account are his stories. It’s truly non-skip content.

In particular, the confessional Q&A’s he does with his followers. Whether he’s asking about first date horror stories (cue: “I Ain’t Never Been On One”), sharing what feels gay but definitely isn’t, or confessing our deepest fantasies, it’s an ab workout that’ll leave you in stitches.

Seriously, just check out his account – @thelukecook on Instagram and TikTok – you won’t be disappointed.

Image Sources: Instagram (@thelukecook)

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