This Sydney Bar Has Re-Imagined Classic Cocktails For 2021, So Call Me Old Fashioned

Just don’t get double parked.

How good is the feeling that you literally can drink freely almost anywhere across the country at the moment?? I know I’ve loved heading back to pubs and bars, and honestly have I found a few proper cocktails for your return to the boozy weekends (and weekdays for that matter).

If you’re in Sydney, or maybe travelling there soon, make sure Grain Bar Sydney is in the itinerary. It was World Bartender Day back on 24 February, but the legends over at Grain Bar thought we deserved more than a single day to celebrate (when is one round ever enough?). So whip out your martini glasses because they’ve launched an extended World Bartender Celebration until the very end of March, with new cocktails that honour their top six bartenders of all time. Boujee!!

Inspired by the ~forefathers~ of the cocktail movement, the chic street-front bar at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is offering a special menu of cocktails under the theme “Everything Old Is New Again”. And honestly these cocktails are so luxe, mixing in the razzle dazzle of bartending, along with modern takes on old classics.

“This event is about celebrating craft, celebrating hospitality, and celebrating bartending as one of the oldest professions,” said Grain’s head bartender Adam Lau. 

“It was a challenge to put a new twist on such iconic drinks, and we spent a good month perfecting our recipes,” said Adam.

“I am especially proud of “The Paradise”, which is based on the classic Mai Tai. We wanted to make a super clean, crisp and sophisticated drink, so we got behind the stove to do a process of clarification and remove the pulp and fiber from the citrus, while keeping the flavour and freshness,”

And Adam told us it was all about balance before these magical treats hit the bar.

“We had many taste tests before we achieved the perfect balance, and we’re really happy with the final recipe. The pineapple rum (for the Mai Tai) adds fruitiness, the coconut rum character, and the Jamaican rum funkiness.”

Grain is a fab spot for a 1st to 2nd date, or a staycation activity. You’re a jump away from the water in Circular Quay, but also in a sneaky spot dishing up super unique cocktails. A super fun mix that, excuse the pun pls.

The one thing I will say? DO NOT get double parked. My goodness these cocktails are potent. They aren’t $15 cocktail jugs at the RSL, they’re seriously strong. So drink responsibly and avoid being on the floor by 6pm.

The World Bartender Celebration is the first of several events planned in 2021 by the Grain team, who started the year on a high after being awarded Whisky Hotel Bar of the Year in January. So you know the team there are legit, and more fun events are coming this year if you can’t make it in time to this cocktail series.

Grain at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is open Wednesday through Saturday, 4pm – 11pm. 

The World Bartender Celebration menu is available until 31 March 2021.
ookings and enquiries: 02 92503118  |    |

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