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How to Keep The Spark Alive In A Long Distance Relationship

Thx COVID for making it borderline impossible.

Relationships are hard work, and long distance ones are even harder. And they’re hard at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. There’s a good chance you might not have seen ya SO in a few months, potentially years – times are tough, I feel that.

Intimacy is also a naturally important aspect to any healthy relationship, and it can be hard to be intimate, physically or emotionally, when your partner is on the other side of the damn globe, interstate, or just not reachable.

Not to worry though, if you’re willing to go the distance (pardon the pun), it’s still possible to have a fulfilling relationship. So here are a few tips on keeping the spark alive in a long distance relationship (from someone who’s done it).

Write Each Other Love Letters

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned love letter? Taking the time to sit down and handwrite a sweet ‘lil sumthin sumthin for your SO is an adorable and personalised way to remind them that you love them. Extra points for spraying a spritz of your perfume or cologne so when they open it, they’re reminded of your scent.

Make a Playlist of Your Favourite Songs

If your partner doesn’t check the mail, or hand writing love letters just isn’t your thing, making a personalised playlist of all your favourite songs is a great alternative. Maybe there’s a song that was playing the night you two met, your favourite car song to belt out in the car, or the one you tend to play when you’re gettin freakay in the bedroom. Chuck them in a playlist, give it a cute title and send it on over to them. It’s bound to make bae feel special.

Stay Focused on the Next Time You’ll Be Together

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? That may be true, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling a little lonely from time to time (esp now). Reminding each other of the next time you get to meet up means you at least have something to look forward to.

Keep in mind that with long distance relationships, attitude is everything. Changing the way you talk from “this is the fucking pits” to “I can’t wait to see you this weekend” will do wonders for your relationship. Doing your best to keep positive and focusing on the the good rather than the shitty will make your relationship stronger.

Send N00dz

This list would be incomplete without the most classic of early 20s mating rituals. As a generation, we’re pretty into stripping off and snapping pics to send to your one and only. And why shouldn’t you? I bet your SO is dying to see your body again. It’s a favourite for a reason: the perfect mix of intimate and frisky. Just make sure you have those important conversations about respect, and if you’re gonna send it out of the blue as a sexy surprise, maybe make sure they’re not sitting next to their mum.

Plan a Surprise Visit

Who doesn’t love surprises? And if that surprise is your special someone turning up on your doorstep for a fun weekend together, all the better! You probably have some travel money tucked away for chances to go visit each other. Why not splash out on a surprise trip? (If it’s within the rules of course).

Just make sure you go at a convenient time, and not when they’re stressing about work or uni or life in general. You want to maximise your time together, not make them feel guilty if they can’t give you the attention you deserve.

Send Each Other Care Packages

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a box full of goodies. Maybe your bae has moved overseas for exchange, or for work, and are longing for some reminders of home. Putting together a care package of stuff that they can’t get where they are is an adorable and thoughtful way of showing them affection.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford a full sweep of all their favourite goodies, you could still jump on the care package train and put together a DIY. Write them some cute notes or hand-make them something personalised. It doesn’t even have to be particularly extravagant, if it’s come from you, your SO will love it.

Make a Personalised Music Video to “Your Song”

Sure, it’s a little out of the box, and may take some planning. But if you’re one of those couples who yells “this is our song!” t each other when a particular banger comes on, it would be cute to tap into your creative and/or dorky side to make them a music video. It could be as simple as dancing in the kitchen with your phone propped against the toaster (broom dancing partner optional), or the whole shebang of a whole team and make a full production with camera angles and different locations.

Whatever your style, making your SO a music video to your song is a great way to connect and remind them of all the good times you’ve spent boogying on the df.

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