If You Want To Manifest Some Good Vibes Into 2021, Get Around Tonight’s ‘Great Conjunction’

Honestly, wishing on a star wouldn’t hurt at this point.

Whether you’re into astrology or astronomy, or whether you believe in the power of celestial events or just like to have a squiz at them, you’re going to want to get outside for tonight’s “great conjunction”.

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest they’ve appeared together in nearly 800 years. So close they’ll look like a double planet, or an elongated star where the two planets look like they’re meeting each other in the sky.

Although Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years or so, NASA told The Cut that they rarely get “so close that a pinkie finger at arms length will easily cover both planets in the sky”. And they are rarely so easy to see.


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Astronomers are pretty excited about this ‘great conjunction’, and so are astrologists.

Astrologists believe that Jupiter and Saturn, outer planets with much slower movement patterns, have much greater influences on society.

But, more than that, this conjunction is taking place in the Summer/Winter solstice (the longest day/night of the year), which marks a big time of rebirth. A similar conjunction, allegedly, coincided with old mate Jesus’ birthday and that twinkly Christmas Star we carol about.

This conjunction is expected to be particularly big, because it is taking place in Aquarius – an air sign known for innovation, social justice, and independence. The last time an Aquarius conjunction happened was 1405, around the start of the Renaissance and right after the end of Europe’s Dark Ages.

I dont know about you, but 2020 has been mighty dark. I think we could all do with a Renaissance 2.0.

So What Can We Expect From This Conjunction?

Well, if Jupiter is the planet of optimism, healing, and expansion, but Saturn is the planet of responsibility and learning, expect a shake-up in the way we think about, see, and experience the world. And that’ll last for at least 20 years.

This conjunction is expected to bring a renewed sense of hope. It might also bring in opportunities for new laws to control communication, especially slander and abuse online.

Aquarius is also a sign of friendship. We can expect all kinds of connections – new and old – to be strengthened in the face of restriction. More help-thy-neighbour vibes in the future.

We’re talking social change and social justice. No more status quo. We’re talking getting comfortable with discomfort for the greater good. And, honestly, I vibe with it.

So, How Do We Get The Most Out Of This Thing?

If you’re in the mood for some manifesting, and putting energy out to get energy back, December 21 is your best bet.

Maybe set those New Years resolutions a little earlier. Kick off and embrace those changes you’ve been meaning to make, tonight.

Set those intentions for what you want – that new job, dream house, improving your love life, strengthening your friendships, saving money, gaining stability – now’s your time to reset and go for it.

Manifesting can be as simple as writing lists with intention. Write like you mean it. One list can be what you want, the other can be how it’ll make you feel. And write like you’ve already got those things, and as though you’re already feeling those feels.

But that doesn’t mean just hoping and wishing on these planets and expecting things to come to you. Though tempting, that ain’t it. This is more about using this major cosmic event and its big celestial power to mark the end of one chapter and start another. No passive hoping, we’re team go get it.

And even if you don’t want to do any ‘woo woo’ manifesting (I will not hear a bad word about this), just go outside and enjoy the sunset. Try and spot them in the sky after sundown. They’ll be low and to the west.

You won’t see anything like it for another hundred years. And, who knows if our souls will be loaded into robots by then.

Image sources: Pexels (David Medreney)

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