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There’s A New Aussie Spirit Made From From Local Botanicals, And I’ll Take Five Bottles Thx


The fact that our gov has, and continues to put the humble bottle-o as an essential service during COVID lockdowns is enough to show that a bit of grog is exactly what got (and is getting) most of us through iso. And with Melbourne back in shutdown mode, and some other states looking like they may follow – it might be time to stock up on your favourite bevs soon.

But forget the basic stuff, because I know the endless time indoors hasn’t just made you a connoisseur of sourdoughs. Lord knows you’ve had enough vodka sodas in the last three months to get pre-pandemic flashbacks every time you get that taste.

Instead think more sophisticated botanical realness. May I present, Vantage – the Australian-made, ridiculously unique spirit you probs didn’t know about, but now do. Thank me later, please.

Commonly known as Spirit Of A Nation (see what they did there?) The brand was founded by father and son duo – Bill and Andrew Hargitay. And Vantage as a brand is where Aussie spirit (hehe) and aesthetic country Instagram aesthetics collide, and it’s honestly boujee AF (keep reading to find out how you could win 1 of 5 bottles, too!).

“Vantage is quintessentially Australian – you can drink it while knowing that this is from our country made with our own native premium botanicals,” says founder Bill.

I don’t know about you, but during lockdown I’ve personally drunk less – but preferred to have “nicer” drinks. Like you know, maybe just staying away from the goon, or cheap gin – because it’s sort of like what’s the point if I’m just having a couple of drinks??

So this little bottle of homemade goodness is the perfect addition to your iso booze tray.

Flavours like Australian Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberries and Australian mandarin oil will have you feeling like you’re out on the weekender of your dreams. Having a drink with ya mates in whatever country mountainside you’re drooling over – and not just sprawled on your couch getting drunk to Kath and Kim re-runs, while you lament all the AirBnB’s that aren’t available.

But what do I drink it with?? Is it a vodka or gin? I hear you say. Don’t worry, Bill’s got your back, friends.

“Vantage cuts across traditional spirit categories, think a V&T instead of a G&T, try a Vojito instead of a Mojito with white rum,” he said.

“Vantage is as versatile in cocktails as vodka, it’s perfect as a chilled aperitive or digestive,”

That’s right – they’re great in cocktails (peep their official Instagram for all types of great recipes and cocktail ideas), and god knows you have plenty of time to master the perf iso-cocky right now. So you can finally forget about the baking starter pack you’ve had in the cupboard for the past three months.

And if you are having a cheeky party at home – within the restrictions of course – you can even use it for fun punches and jugs.

Basically, it’s all about the botanicals – spirits with a sophisticated twist that’ll make your watermelon gin look like child’s play. I know you’re desperate to look like you aren’t holed up crying over your redundancy, or the fact uni graduation ain’t happening, so posting a bunch of Insta stories of your home-made botanical delight is peak “I’m cool, everything is cool.”

In a time where most of us are stuck at home, frothing over last year’s travel pics and lamenting how on earth our careers and bank accounts are going to recover from this 2020 mess, SIS NEEDS A PICK ME UP.

And to make your day even better (because we’ll take any and all positive vibes right now), we’re giving away FIVE BOTTLES of these little sips of heaven for free! Simply click here or chuck your details in below and tell us what drink you’d make with this drop of Vantage at home.

And dw, if you’ve read this article and want to get a taste ASAP – used the code 5why to get free shipping on any purchase from their website here. Move fast!!

5Why x 5 Vantage Bottle Giveaway

Full T&Cs available here.

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