Greta Thunberg Turned 18 And Spent Her Bday Reigning Supreme As A Clap-Back Queen

All hail Queen Greta!

Just yesterday, Greta Thunberg was a 15 year old “anxious” “child”, but as of the 3 January 2021, she’s an 18 year old queen of trolling trolls.

They really do grow up so fast :’)

Since landing in the spotlight, the Swedish teen has been battling criticism from the public (predominantly, dusty boomers) for being a puppet of the climate movement. Specifically that her becoming the face of the school strikes for climate was that of her parents’ design. That wittle tween Greta had no idea what she was doing, and her parents were the evil, anarchic masterminds of the whole operation.

Insert, “okay, boomer”, here.

But three years later, Greta has finally crossed the legal threshold of ‘adulthood’ in Sweden, turning 18 on January 3.

“Thank you so much for all the well-wishes on my 18th birthday!” she posted to social media.

And how did Greta celebrate, in the perfect combination of 18th birthday style – a trip to the pub – and Greta Thunberg sass, panache, and clap-backery.

“Tonight you will find me down at the local pub exposing all the dark secrets behind the climate- and school strike conspiracy that my evil handlers who can no longer control me!

“I am free at last!!”

You can hear the evil cackle of a person finally unchained.

With the post was a photo of Thunberg wearing a ‘Flat Mars Society’ jumper. It is a reference to one of Elon Musk’s tweets asking why there isn’t a Flat Mars Society to accompany the Flat Earth Society.

Iconic *chef kiss*.

She continues to reign supreme as Queen of Clap Backs, smiting her trolls with the grace, wit and savagery of their own poorly brandished blades.

Remember when she named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019 (at a mere 16 years old), and POTUS Donald Trump told her to “chill” her anger management problems, and watch a “good old fashioned movie with a friend”.

Greta took his own words to slam Trump’s tantrum’s over alleged (and 100% disproven) voter fraud in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Go. Off. Queen.

In a special interview to mark her 18th birthday, Greta told The Sunday Times magazine that she’s not about preaching from a high-horse and bossing people around.

“I’m not telling anyone else what to do, but there is a risk when you are vocal about these things and don’t practise as you preach, then you will become criticised for that and what you are saying won’t be taken seriously.”

She says that’s how we keep people talking about climate – because folks will do whatever they can not to talk about it – “they are going to try to make this a debate about me or my personality.”

As for judging people who don’t make the same choices she does – like choosing not to have kids, or flying in planes rather than sailing, for instance? She holds no grudges.

“It’s not the people who are the problem, it is our behaviour.”

Can you believe the wisdom?!

Happy birthday to a global eco-friendly queen and icon of a generation. Long may she reign!

Image Sources: Twitter (@gretathunberg)

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