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The Internet Is Raving To Mashd N Kutcher’s Daniel Andrews Remix Bop ‘Get On The Beers’

It is your civic duty to listen to this tune.

Mashd N Kutcher have done the world a solid, remixing a press conference by the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews and turning his sage (and very serious) words into a club banger.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic ScoMo vs Andrew meme, the Aussie duo have turned what could’ve been a forgettable press conference into an unforgettable bop. All they had to do was take the Premier’s words, give them a shake, sprinkle a little bit of Donald Trump and voila. A bop is dropped.

Introducing ‘Get On the Beers’ by Mashd N Kutcher.


It’s truly astonishing the creativity that musicians have. Especially when they’re cooped up in quarantine.

The internet thanks you, Mashd N Kutcher for doing your “civic duty” and blessing us with this remix.



Some are even suggesting that this absolute tune may make it into next year’s Hottest 100.

And, honestly, stranger things have happened.

I mean, especially after the storm that was the ScoMo vs Andrew Duke Dumont mashup that completely took over TikTok, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a torrent of coronavirus-themed remixes and songs in the countdown.

Jokes aside, the boys attached a warm message at the end of the video, encouraging us to “follow instructions of your local government”

“times are tough but together we WILL get through it

practise social distancing help each other, stay safe

keep up your spirits


Words to live by in these trying times.

As for the rest of you, listen to the boys and follow the Victorian Premier’s instructions: “Get on the beers. That’s your civic duty, that’s what’s most important, and that’s what must be done.”

But do it responsibly, of course.

Image Sources: Twitter (@MashdNKutcher)

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