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Thoughts We’ve All Had On Public Transport

Um, get OUT of my WAY.

It’s nearly the end of the week, with weekend antics not too far away.The Friday commute to work feels the longest. The two hour train trip followed by the 12 minute bus ride (several minutes on a good day)? No thanks. While you want to do the right thing and catch the train, it can be a tedious trip to do day in and day out, and a definite test of your patience. Here are just some of the thoughts we’ve all had on our daily commute.

“Ummm, You Right There?”

That one fellow passenger that seems to think it’s okay to take up three seats with their personal belongings for their maximum comfort on a packed train. Nah it’s cool, I didn’t want to sit for my two hour trip, please continue relaxing, maybe even lay across the three seats and I’ll go fetch you a piña colada.

“Please God No”

When there’s plenty of seats available on the train and that weirdo decides to sit right next to you. Of all the places he could’ve picked. Plus he smells like last nights vom. Perfect. So happy to be trapped against the window seat here for the next hour or so.

“Oh, HELLO There”

Nothing like a bit of eye candy, am I right? Though the chances of actually following through and asking for a number or making any form of contact are slim, there’s no harm in looking.

“Excuse ME”

This is the quiet carriage. Which means it should be QUIET. Which means you shouldn’t be barking at your phone. It also means you shouldn’t have your music on a speaker, kiddo. If only the officers were here, you’d be in BIG trouble I’m telling ya.

“Excuse YOU”

That one person, come flu season, who just sucks at general personal hygiene. They’re coughing and spluttering all over the place leaving their icky bacteria everywhere, yum. (Am I a germaphobe? Possibly.) Please for the love of God, cover your mouth, ya filthy animal, or better yet, chuck a sickie.

“Are We There Yetttttt?”

It’s a tedious trip when you do it more than a few times a week. If you do the calculations, the daily commute can make up a large portion of your weeks worth time. It can make you start to think back to the days of sitting in the back seat of long road trips with your parents, but it’s a good test of your patience when you seem to land every single red light.

“Come On, Come On, Come On.”

The sluggish passing at the ticket gate where one persons ticket just won’t work, leaving you with a back up of 17 people and a potential missed train. Uhhhhhhh. Just get me home already.

Psst… If you need some podcasts to make your commute suck a little less, we’ve got you.

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