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5 Hair Styles to Handle Winter Weather

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Any regular day windswept is a goal, effortlessly tousled hair, total nonchalance. But in days of freak weather, those gusty gales will have you whinging to social media about the 13 or so ways it has ruined your day. Don’t be that gal, here’s a little go to guide of styles that are sure to keep you looking suave from commute to post work bevs. The key to weathering whatever is thrown at you is avoiding any messier styles, these will only be exacerbated by chilly breezes or showers.  Have a peruse through these tutorials for a effortless styles without the stress.

#1 Short Stack

A half up half down do is ideal for security without looking too done. Secure the upper half well and avoid using hairspray as it can cause breakage. Instead reach for a serum or volumizing spray to keep texture and body without torturing your ends.

#2 Sleek French Twist

This elegant twist works on all lengths, pulling together a perfect look for a long day in the office. Stock up on bobby pins for this one, matte holds best. Follow the steps for a little slice of chic with all day durability.

#3 Add a clip

In fear of fly aways unleashing themselves at the slightest of breezes, a slick ponytail offers no movement style. With a texturising spray on the ends and a pulled back style you’ll be free to go about your day no stress. Add a clip or ribbon for a touch of polish, evidencing the effort you made to look like this amidst the mild natural disaster of sorts going on outside.

#4 Bun

I wish I could pull of the messy bun, it’s the ultimate no hassle hairstyle. But if like me hot mess devolves into straight up mess very quickly, perhaps a more refined style is a better choice. This bun is only a twist or two and looks immaculate as well as a lot harder than it was to achieve. Win.

#5 Donut Bun

An item from Priceline has never proved so useful, but a donut bun can lift your bun to new heights, fake thickness and provide never ending styling options. For days where you’d rather swamp yourself in doonas, donut buns offer a little solace hiding bad hair days like no other.

Hourable mentions also to:

Fake a luscious ponytail

Waking up with bed hair is no longer an issue, this double ponytail thrives on volume! By separating the hair into two separate parts you can control the volume up top without compromising the length or fullness of the ponytail itself. Multiple elastics and bobby pins and this style won’t move an inch. Pure genius.

Wet hair styles

Are you already soaked? Or perhaps battling with the hair dryer this morning doesn’t appeal to you one iota. Leaving wet hair to deal will itself usually results in a frizzball effect, not totally work appropriate. Whip your hair into one of these wet hair friendly styles and you’ll have a contained do’ as opposed to a 90’s esque crimped disaster by the end of the day.

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