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Candace Owens Reckons Harry Styles Wearing A Dress Is A Plan To “Take Down The West”, Okay Honey

Missing your MAGA hat, darling.

In today’s latest edition of “dumb shit people in ‘Murica say”, conservative author, Candace Owens, has lost her shit over Harry Styles wearing a dress in his Vogue magazine appearance.

The series of Instagram stories + tweets were honestly quite weird, with the author making various strange claims. She started by saying asking why men in eastern countries like Russia or China aren’t seen wearing dresses, and that, yes, this whole thing is part of a bigger plan to “take down the west” !!!! I’m crying.

Yes ladies and gents, Harry Styles is on a mission to bring down the west, with his loyal brigade of stans by his side.

She went on to comment about how Hollywood is “satanic” and wants to essentially bring down the world. And look, while there is obviously some toxicity in the elite cultures of Hollywood – surely if there is one person quite the opposite of that, it’s Harry Styles.

I mean, I struggle to think of many with such a big public profile that have done more for open masculinity than the former One Direction boii. But here we are.

And well Candace, you’ve naturally triggered an army here. With Styles’ cohort of worldwide fans going in on the author.

The irony of it all really being that the OG colonisers of the world the first true “manly men” that Candace froths for, wore the most feminine outfits, boots, heels, wigs.

So Candace, it’s time to make up your mind honey. But to be more specific, who hurt you??

It’s the only reason I can think of such a response to be honest, like truly why is there a reason to be so proactive with your hate on things like this? Why does it bother you so much??

This ain’t some hot take, Candace. It’s just more bullshit ring-wing driven negativity. Less of it, please.

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