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Goodbye Summer Holiday Dreams, It Looks Like International Travel Is Out Till 2021

Local weekenders are the way to go.

I know we’re all itching for a holiday that isn’t another weekender in the car, but any hopes of international travel have been dashed after Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said that Aussie borders aren’t opening till at least next year.

Qantas just announced things “can’t get much worse” as it scrapped all international flights until late October, but it looks like they spoke too soon.

Birmingham reckons that borders opening up this year is super unlikely, and that we’ll probably see borders open next year.

“I do sadly think that in terms of open tourist-related travel in or out of Australia, that remains quite some distance off,” Senator Birmingham told the National Press Club.

“Just because of the practicalities of the volumes that are involved and the need for us to first and foremost keep putting health first.”

Okay, But Where Can I Travel To?

There’s been lots of talk around local(ish) travel, and we have good news folks! It looks like the only international travel possibly on the cards right now is between Australia and New Zealand, with talks between the two governments already in motion.

Nothing is set in stone yet (since New Zealand’s new coronavirus cases), but there’s already planning in the works to see how they can make travel between the two countries possible, with experts submitting reports on how to make it work.

For now though, inter-state travel and local weekenders are still the way to go. NSW, Victoria and the ACT don’t have any border restrictions at the moment, and it’s perfect weather for a cosy winter getaway in the mountains.

South Australia has opened its borders to Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and everyone else can enter from July 20.

Queensland’s borders are supposed to open soon, but they’ve made it clear that they’ll stay closed if community transmission of COVID-19 doesn’t decrease.

Personally, I’m content with local road trips. Remember how we all promised to support local business and travel locally in solidarity with bush-fire affected communities? Well now’s the time to put our money where our mouth is.

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