Hugh Jackman Gave R.M. Williams Workers $1.2M For Chrissy, Raking Up Aussie Of The Year Points

I’m kidding, he’s just the nicest man ever

Hugh Jackman has proven that he remains the nicest man on the planet by gifting R.M. Williams workers a combined Chrissy gift worth $1.2 million.

It’s believed the Aussie legend dipped into his own pocket to gift every single one of the 900 workers at the Australian boot company a Christmas cash bonus of $1,300 each.

Old mate is really making a last-ditch push for Australian of the Year 2021. And I wouldn’t be entirely mad if he did score it. He really has been completely unproblematic, even through the chaos of 2020.

But I digress.

Although the Wolverine star didn’t make a public announcement or own up to the donation, all the signs point to it being Hugh Jackman. The Greatest Showman. A superhero. The known, Nicest Man in Hollywood.

Allow me to connect the dots.

Jackman is the global ambassador for R.M. Williams, the iconic Australian brand.


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For a while it was out of Australian hands, until mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest took it over and Jackman sold his 5% share in the company.

An internal company memo sent out on December 17 revealed that a previous R.M. Williams shareholder shared the gift to show appreciation for the workers’ contributions. Workers who were employed on and prior to October 16 this year – that’s when Jackman sold his share in the takeover – were included in the bonuses.

Also, it’s very on-brand for Jackman to do something to generous and low-key.

Do we not see how the evidence stacks up? I mean, it was never in doubt that Jackman would do something so generous. Go off generous king.

Now it’s only fair that we do out duty and spread the Christmas cheer and gospel of Jackman’s generosity far and wide.

Merry bloody Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Instagram (@hughjackman, @rmwilliams)

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